Indy-22 Starlight PTZ Security CameraSo Why Choose a PTZ Security Camera like the Indy-22 Starlight? Well, most people think IP PTZ cameras are for covering large areas only outdoors. Here at Rugged Cams, we have designed an IP Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera called the Indy-22 for significant indoor spaces like casinos, railway stations, bus stations, indoor playgrounds, reception halls, office spaces, and warehouses.

Power in the Lens

The Indy-22 has a powerful lens, Motorized 5.2mm to 114.4 mm Vari-focal Auto-Focus 22x Optical Megapixel Zoom Lens, intended to see across a room or the warehouse, see down hallways, or zoom in on an area with a problem. The view starts at about 56 degrees wide, then zooms in to only 3.4 degrees wide; you will not be missing any details with this camera. Let’s say your Indy-22 is set up watching the indoor playground, and little Johnny is trying to take a toy from little Annie; you can zoom in and catch all the action.

Seeing in the dark

The Indy-22 has a Starlight Sensor, so when the lights are off, and there is a little light, the sensor will use that light to show a color picture. The sensor can pick up the small amount of light to be used, for example, light from a phone display or light from under a door. If the light is too low to produce a color image, the camera will switch to black & white. Use the Starlight feature for places like a dance club where there is a little light to help watch over your customers.

Intelligent Analytics

The Indy-22 does more than a video; this camera is packed with intelligent analytics. When these features are turned on, the camera will alert you of things that happen around your property. Here are a few of those features: intrusion and motion detection or line crossing will let you know that someone is not supposed to be in an area. A de-focus or camera tampering feature will let you know if something is put in front of the camera or even the lens has been spray with something. Scene Change is another Identification feature. This can alert you if something in the scene should change, such as a valuable laptop is missing or if a high-value item is no longer on the shelf.

Alarm System and Audio

The Indy-22 has the feature to add an alarm with two input connections and one alarm output connection. For example, connect a door sensor and turn on a light or siren so when little Johnny tries to leave out a door, the alarm will sound, and if you hook up lights and a siren that will sound, you have caught little Johnny. So not only has an alarm gone off for when little Johnny tries to open that door, but you can also talk to him and tell him he is caught because the IP PTZ is also equipped with audio input wires and audio output wires, making it possible to add an external mic or a two-way speaker.

Backup recording

The Indy-22 and Micro SD Card (purchased separately) can turn the IP PTZ into a stand-alone camera by recording to the SD card or using a backup if loss of power happens. When power is restored, the card will automatically download all the recordings to the NVR.

Easy Installation

The Indy-22 is a plug-n-play IP PTZ camera with our NVR or switch. With the bonus feature of 800 feet for video and audio over standard Cat5e or Cat6 cable. This PTZ pulls a lot of power, so Operation Voltage must be more local to the camera (within 100′ max when using DC voltage – and within a couple of hundred feet when using AC voltage).PTZ controler

Easy To Control 

The Indy-22 is simple to control thru the NVR, but you access the video and control it by using the app from your cell phone, tablet, or personal computer from anywhere in the world. You can also control the PTZ by using an IP PTZ controller; our controller will allow access to the camera’s various menus.

Warranty and Tech Support

The Indy-22 comes with a 3-year warranty, with unlimited tech support for life. We also have a tech-support page on our website with lots of how-to videos.


About us and contact information

Rugged Cams has manufactured security cameras and systems for businesses and industrial environments for more than 25 years. We have designed security camera systems for businesses of any size, from mom and pop stores to fortune 500 industries. No job is too big or small, not sure of what you need in a security system; let our Engineers design a plan for you; it is free and personalized for your business. To see how the Indy-22 IP indoor PTZ camera can be used in your business or more information on the camera, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-30-288.