Plans / Pictures

All We Need is:

Send our Engineers a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Rough Sketch custom designed security system or even pictures of your property via Fax, E-mail or regular Mail.

  • Fax # (903) 498-8989
  • e-mail:
  • Address: 201 N. Elm, Kemp, Texas 75143

System Design

Once we have your information:

Our Design Engineers will give you a call to discuss your needs and ask additional questions about distances and heights, day and night lighting, problem areas, budgeting and other pertinent questions.

  • Proper Camera Placement
  • Camera Type & Lens
  • Power Supply Needs
  • Video/Power Cable runs

Custom Quote

Design & Quote Approval:

Once your system design is complete the designers consult with our sales team to provide you with a detailed cost for the equipment on your design.

  • Complete design drawings
  • Custom Quote
  • Fill with content

As always the you have the final decision on the design and equipment.

Build & Test

The Build Team:

Upon approval our Build Team will gather all the equipment, pieces and pre-assemble and label everything, including making up the cabling with connectors and Install Toolkits that makes Installation as easy as “Plug-N-Play”.

  • 24 Hour Burn-in for all equipment
  • Final Inspection
  • packed and shipped to you

Business Security Cameras and Commercial Security Camera Systems by Rugged Cams

Rugged Cams has manufactured, tested and assembled Security Cameras and Security Camera Systems for Business and Industrial Security Systems for more than 20 years.

Rugged Cams builds Business Security Cameras that are tough, rugged and will withstand anything that Man or Mother Nature can throw at them. Businesses of any size – from Mom & Pop stores to Fortune 500 Industries, have relied on Rugged Cams to Design, Build, Test and Deliver high quality surveillance cameras and complete security camera systems that work flawlessly and are built to last.

Now You Can Buy Business Security Cameras Factory Direct

The System Design Engineers at Rugged Cams will work with you and your Site Plan or Floor plan to create a Custom Security Camera System that will be optimized for each camera location. Best of all, this custom design work is FREE, and it’s FAST (usually within 24 hours).

Rugged Cams Makes The Best Weatherproof Security Cameras In The Industry.

Rugged Cams is known for building the toughest business security cameras on the planet. No matter what challenges your environment can throw at it, Rugged Cams makes a security camera that is designed to handle whatever it encounters. Dust, Ice, Rain, Snow, Chemicals and even Acids are no problem because Rugged Cams has a camera designed to handle any extreme.


Our Customers Say That Rugged Cams’ Security DVR’s Are The Best – We Think You’ll Agree

For most of our 20 Years in the Industry, Rugged Cams has designed and built our own Brand of Security Dvr’s. Years ago we made PC-based DVR’s, but for the last 10 years or so, we have concentrated on our own line of dedicated, stand-alone, embedded Security DVR’s. These DVR’s are also built to handle extreme environments and challenging indoor or outdoor locations.

Our newest DVR’s are not only the best performing DVR’s in the industry, but are up to date and sport the latest features and technology. For instance, our new 960H DVR’s will give you 30% more resolution. In fact, the pictures are so much bigger, it changes your old Analog Video from a 4:3 ratio to the new, modern 16:9 video format. This increased resolution is thanks to SONY’s newest Effio Camera and DVR Digital Signal Processors. We build almost exclusively with SONY processors and camera parts. See for yourself how this HUGE leap in Analog technology is transforming the industry by producing video that is right at Megapixel Resolutions (960h is 960 pixels wide – Megapixel starts at 1000 pixels). Not far off from 720p, and a lot less money!

Plus, check out our new HD-SDI cameras and DVR’s. This exciting new technology gives you at least 2.2 Megapixel Video at 1080p Resolution – without the cost, complexity and hassle of IP Cameras. No Router, No Switch, No Gigabit Ports, No Networking – And Best of all – You can use the Coax cable you already have. Upgrading to Megapixel Video has never been easier. You can even do it yourself with NO training or Networking experience at all.

Business Security Camera Systems Built For Self-Install – OR – We Have Installers Nationwide

Self-Installation – Rugged Cams can prebuild your security camera system for easy Plug-N-Play Installation

Professional Installation – Rugged Cams has an extensive network of trusted installers in most areas

Why Buy From Rugged Cams? Here are a few more reasons:

  • Best Customer Service & Support
  • Best Warranties (2& 3 years on most products)
  • Lifetime Tech Support is FREE!
  • 20 Years and Tens of Thousands of Businesses Served by Rugged Cams