Rugged Cams Analog / TVI / HDSDI Tech Support Information

Central Management System

Installing The CMS Software

Review & Download Footage with CMS

Setting up CMS Address Book

Play Recorded Footage with CMS

Installing The CMS Software

Review & Download Footage with CMS

Setting up CMS Address Book

Play Recorded Footage with CMS

VMS Visual Management System

Video Review/Download

Setting up VMS Address Book

Remove VMS Password Requirement

Installing VMS Software

VMS PTZ Control, New Feature

NEW DVR Set up

What to set on a NEW DVR

How To: Upgrade Firmware At The DVR

How To: Download Video Footage

How To: Upgrade Firmware over Network

How To: Review Recorded Footage

How To: Adjust Recording Frame Rates

How To: Check and Repair faulted hard drives

Rugged Cams DVR NTSC and PAL switches Info

Connecting PTZ Camera to DVR

Connecting DVR to Local Network

How To: Email Alert From DVR Part 1

How To: Configure Motion Area Email Alert Part 2

How To: Schedule Recording and Email Alert Part 3

DVR Hard Drive Replacement

How To Install A New Hard Drive

Hard Drive Initialization

N-Spex & Mega Stix Information

Mega Stix Install and Cable Requirements

Mega Stix HD-SDi Camera Info

Skinny on the Analog N-SPEX Camera

IP Cameras

IP Cameras – Not Showing Up

Rugged Vault All models

16 Channel Firmware  4 & 8 Channel Firmware Manual

Auto HD All models

Firmware Manual

Rugged HD 960H

Firmware Manual

Vertex Vault


Remote Viewing Software

– The Phone App is named “Smart Eyes Pro”, and is available on any Play Store (Android or Apple).

The following Computer Siftware and Manuals are for the Auto-HD 2/3/6, Rugged HD, Vertex Vault, Vidsafe, Vertex RTH, H.16/8/4 DVR’s

VMS Visual Management System Software Download

CMS Central Management System Software Download (used only for discontinued DVR’s)

CMS Manual Download

VMS Manual Download

Mac Viewer Software Download

Mack Quick Viewer Download

Discontinued HD-SDI DVR’s

for the HD Megapixel & 2/14 hybrid

Mac Viewer Software Download

CMS Pro Central Management System Software
Updated 07/16/2014


Fortress Series Cameras

Sentry 700 Series Cameras

Incredi Bullet

IR660 – IR120 – IR120 Magnum Cameras

Freezer Camera

LowPro Caamera

Cobra 90

Faceplate Camera

OverC 700

Motion Detector Series Cameras

Neptune Camera

Stainless Steel Sea Dome

Tru Scene / Tru Beam Cameras

Ruff Ride PTZ Camera

Smoke Detector Camera

Stronghold Series Cameras

UIR – Ultimate Infrared Camera

50Hz – Horizontal lines on your monitor

IP cameras not showing up

Daisy Chained Switches

PCI Compliance

RV-5 Outdoor 8 Channel NVR 

IP cameras not showing up

Spiders and Outdoor Cameras


We have assembled a collection of easy how to video to help you with a variety of Envior Cams Issues.

On the following tabs you find.

How to make EZ-RJ45 Network Cables

Using waterproof connectors on raw cable

Using Waterproof Connectors on premade cables

Initial NVR setup

Download Footage from NVR

Local Network NVR Setup

Review Archived Footage

NVR Cloud Upgrade

Configure Motion Detection

H.265 Plus – Enable it! You will be glad you did!



New NVR Menus

Save to Flash Drive from a NVR

Remote Viewing
PC or Laptop

Router or ISP Change

Remote Viewing
Phone or Tablet

EZ Tools Version 2.0 Setup

Guard Station PC Software – 64B

Guard Station PC Software – 32B

Guard Station MAC Software

Guard Station Software User Manual

Single Camera Wireless Setup

Multi Camera Wireless Setup

EZ Tools Software

EZ Tools Setup Video

IP Manger Software

Updated Software and Videos


EZ Tools 2.0

EZ Tools 2.0 Setup Video

IP cameras not showing up