By providing one of the industries only outdoor NVR we had to address several issues. One of which was how to create an outdoor NVR (Network Video Recorder) that was rugged enough to withstand the hot dry air of Texas as well as the freezing cold of Alaska (as well as everything in between). Afterall, what good is your rugged camera, if you do not have a rugged NVR to record to? We chose to partner with to provide us with reliable Wi-Fi access to our outdoor NVR and it works like a champ! We chose to use the Mango for the Wi-Fi hotspot in our outdoor NVR (network video recorder). We use the The Mango serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot so that the customer can connect remotely with our NVR. We also have some customers use USB cellular devices to extend the range – and we are very happy with the compatibility of the Mango for these cellular devices.

Outdoor NVR

By utilizing technology like the Mango our customers can rely on Rugged Cams to continue to provide quality security camera systems that are not only rugged but user friendly. Let’s face it, no matter how tough a system is if it is tough to use you won’t use it! We understand this and that’s why we work diligently to ensure our customers satisfaction.