Rugged Cams has been making Security Cameras for Cold Storage Warehouses for more than 20 years. So yah, you could say it’s in our blood. Cold storage and Freezer’s are one of the most challenging environments we serve. We have learned, over the years, not only how to design cameras that will survive in such low temperatures, but also how to navigate around the many challenges associated with very cold temperatures. For example, how to position cameras near curtain doors to best avoid fogging from rapid temperature changes.

Cold Storage facilities face a whole bevy of challenges that normal temperature warehouses don’t have to address or deal with. Here are just a few examples:

  • Extra large keypads made to be used with gloves (and other protective wear)
  • Plastic pallets that don’t have the potential to contaminate food or medical supplies, and are usually easier to keep clean
  • Storing and stacking differently – special considerations must be made to allow air flow through and around stored items to maintain consistent temps
  • Specialized pallet and box labels – adhesives, substrates and inks behave differently in cold temperatures.
  • Electronics of all kinds must be adapted for freezing temperatures. Screens fog up, barcode readers freeze up, batteries discharge faster, and even wireless signals that don’t travel as far in this environment.

We know harsh environments, and Cold Storage facilities and walk-in freezers are some of the harshest environments out there. So when it comes to freezer cameras, we have our work cut out for us. These security cameras systems must be designed to last for years in freezing temperatures, and we must design them to resist condensation changes as well, especially if they are close to a curtain door with forklifts coming and going. These rapid temperature swings can be very challenging to any camera.

So, if you operate a cold storage facility, or just need to put cameras in a store freezer, come to the professionals that have been meeting these challenges head on for almost 3 decades. Rugged Cams specializes in security cameras for challenging environments.