Spectrum-22 is an indoor-outdoor IP PTZ camera

The Spectrum-22 is an indoor-outdoor IP PTZ camera with the abilities that not all IP PTZ cameras have. This camera is also made for nighttime surveillance; it has three types of lighting Infrared, White Light, and Starlight.

When this camera is zoomed out the White Light kicks in, then as you zoom in, they will grow in intensity, then after about halfway (around 90 to 100 feet), the Infrared Light will kick on, and the White Lights will turn off. The Infrared Lamps can cast out their invisible IR light to as far as 650 feet! Plus – they are controlled via Smart IR, which controls the brightness based on the picture – if something is too close and starts glaring too much white in the picture, it turns down the brightness.

Since the Spectrum-22 is also a Starlight Camera, it can really pull in details under longer distances where the Infrared Lamps may no longer be very strong. The light-gathering Starlight Sensor doesn’t need much light to deliver a color picture, and if the light is too low to produce a color image, the camera will switch to black & white.

One of the unique features of this small, yet powerful Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera, is the 22X Zoom Lens. This lens has a faster Auto-Focus sequence than most PTZ’s and can deliver a sharply focused image very quickly. This Motorized Zoom Lens (6.5mm to 143mm) is intended to see people, vehicles, and other items of interest at a distance.

Notice that the lens starts at 6.5mm. This is not wide-angle and is intended to zoom down hallways, all the way across a warehouse, out to a gate or perimeter fence, or to zoom in on processes or machinery. The view starts at about 70 degrees wide, then zooms in to only 3.76 degrees wide. So that should give you a pretty clear picture of what this camera is designed to do. It’s made for Zooming in to see detail (Digital Zoom can also be turned on).

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