Made for indoor-only but packed with lots of features. 

The Indy-22 is an Indoor IP PTZ Camera that does not have infrared lamps, but that is by design. This 2-megapixel starlight network camera is intended for offices, warehouses and other indoor areas that either have lighting on most of the time or have enough light to be gathered by the Starlight Sensor when the lights may be off – which doesn’t have to be much. There is no moonlight or starlight indoors, but this camera doesn’t need much. The display of a desk phone, the leakage of light from under a doorway – this camera takes any light at all and turns it into a color picture. If the light is too low to produce a color image, the camera will switch to black & white.

One of the unique features of this small, yet powerfu Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera, is the 22X Zoom Lens. This lens has a aster auto-focus sequence than most PTZ’s and can deliver a sharply focused image very quickly. This motorized zoom lens (5.2mm to 114.4mm), is intended to see down hallways, all the way across a warehouse, or to zoom in on processes or machinery. The view starts at about 56 degrees wide, then zooms in to only 3.4 degrees wide. So that should give you a pretty clear picture of what this camera is designed to do. It’s made for zooming in to see detail (digital zoom can also be turned on).

One of the great features of this camera is the REAL Optical WDR (Wide Dynamic Range – with 120dB gain) from Sony. Unlike Digital WDR, this feature, when turned on and fine-tuned, can help with blinding glare and when the sun is behind a person, you are trying to see. This is commonly encountered in a warehouse setting when a bay door is up, and the sunlight is causing glare. This feature is yet another tool to tailor this camera to wherever you need it – despite the prevailing conditions.

We have told you about just a few of the features on this IP PTZ camera, to get more information contact one of our Sales Engineers toll-free 866-301-2288 or stop by our website