Entrance Guard Security Camera Systems

the Overview & License Tag Capture Cameras System
with WiFi Recorder Access

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gated entrance traffic monitoring system

Entrance Guard Security Camera Systems

Single Lane/Entry or Gate System (Part # EC-EGSPB-1)

One 9ft direct bury camera pole with one RV5-GenII, N-Range, and Tag Shot.

Dual Lane/Entry or Gate System (Part # EC-EGSPB-1B) 

One 9ft direct bury camera pole with one RV5-GenII, two N-Range, and two Tag Shot. 

Dual Lane/Entry or Gate System (Part # EC-EGSPB-2)

Two 9ft direct bury camera poles with one RV-5 GenII, two N-Range, and two Tag Shot, one camera for each pole. 

Triple Lane/Entry or Gate System (Part # EC-EGSPB-3)

There are three 9ft direct bury camera poles with one RV-5 GenII, three N-Range, and three Tag Shot, one camera for each pole.  

Direct Burial Camera Pole

The direct bury camera pole is a 5-inch square aluminum pole that stands 9 feet tall (6 feet above the ground and 3 feet buried). A power junction box is mounted a ground level, and all wires are hidden inside for protection. If you need a taller pole, let your Sales Engineer know. 

RuggedVision-5 Gen II – 8 Channel Outdoor IP Network Video Recorder

The RuggedVision-5 GenII comes inclosed in a NEMA-4 waterproof and weatherproof box, with a rugged outdoor IP Network Video Recorder with eight-channel POE. The powerful processor can handle more video bandwidth, no delays on the live view, and a better, more consistent frame rate on the recorder video. The 2 Terabyte Solid State Drive and recording format of H.265+ equals a 4TB drive on a regular h.265 system. The TP-Link Wifi box connected gives the operator the ability to control the program and review footage from any phone, tablet, or laptop within approximately 200 feet. TP-Link has a slot for a 4G USB Modem that allows for cellular service so that you can control the system from anywhere in the world. 

N-Range IP Bullet Camera

We picked the N-Range the Entrance Guard System because of the motorized varifocal lens. This 2.8-12mm zoom lens gives you a 90-degree wide picture when zoomed out and then zooms all the way into a 28-degree wide image. This makes it extremely easy and fast to fine-tune your scene, no matter where you mount this camera. No worries about the night view with the Smart Infrared LED’s with auto-dimming or brightness – out to as much as 100 feet. The N-Range has an outdoor rating of IP67 weatherproof for the harshest outdoor locations. 

Tagshot IP License Plate Camera

The Tag Shot IP License Plate camera is capable of reading a license plate up to 50 distances using its 5-50mm motorized lens semi autofocus lens. The Tag Shot IP uses a built-in PoE Interface and is also 12V DC compatible. Tag Shot IP can be configured for motion detection and set up with a privacy mask if you do not want it monitored. The Tag Shot IP combines 5 SR-LEDs for wide-angle illumination (square LEDs) and 25 Five degree LEDs for long-range lighting. Recording Up to 30fps @ 1920x1080p.


Sometimes customers need to change one of our standard Entrance Guard Systems, maybe a taller pole, lengths of cables longer or shorter. Different set up with poles and cameras or even need to use a buriable cable instead of standard cable. Talk to one of our Engineers about what is going to work best for your application. 

Rugged Cams Warranty and Tech Support

The direct bury camera pole’s warranty is a 20 Year Structural Integrity Warranty (3 Year finish and material warranty – all warranties are limited to replacement and/or repair).

The warranty of the unique RV-5 GenII is a 3-year warranty, but we do not warrant the TP-Link device included for WiFI and/or possibly your own 3G/4G devices. We do not make this device.

The warranty for the N-Range is 3-years.

The warranty for the TagShot is 2-years. 

All pieces come with unlimited tech support for the life of the product. 

The Tech-Support toll-free number is 866-283-6003, which can be reached Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM (Central Time).

We also have a tech-support page on our website with lots of how-to videos. If not sure of the video quality of the cameras, we also have video from here on our property; in most cases, it shows you day and night video. 

About us and how to get in touch

We know that choosing the right camera for your business can be daunting. There are so many options and so many things to consider. That’s why we are here! We love to help our customers choose only the best and only the essentials needed for your application. We won’t up-sale you cameras you don’t need. We offer you a completely free system design that outlines everything you need. For more information on the subdivision license tag capture system and to start your free system design, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-301-2288.