The N-SPEX Vehicle Condition Documentation System gives you the High-Resolution tools you need to avoid most damage claims and save you thousands of dollars per year.

The N-SPEX Vehicle Inspection System family of vehicle condition Inspection & Documentation Systems has grown; we now offer the N-SPEX STIX TRUX – IP.

View & Document the front, back, sides, and top of all Trucks, Trailers, Rail Cars, etc. Truck / Trailer / Cargo / Container / Rail Car Inspection Condition & Documentation System N-SPEX TRUX STIX

  • 8 Hi-Resolution HD-TVI Cameras 1080p
  • through the NVR control, each cameras zoom function 
  • Standard Height is 13’ 6” (custom heights and # of cameras available)
  • White powder-coated aluminum (custom powder coat colors available)

Available Striping:



N-SPEX Cameras are so small as to go unnoticed, yet are rugged and completely vandal-proof. Sealed, watertight housings are weatherproof and high-pressure wash-down resistant (NEMA IP-66 rated). These High-Resolution cameras are made from rugged metal. They feature a thick Lexan viewing dome with an adjustable camera angle depending on how far away from the entrance you wish to start seeing the vehicle.

These High-Resolution cameras are pre-adjusted and pre-focused to provide the perfect solution to the viewing angles and distances you need to adequately document the condition of vehicles entering and leaving your facility. This makes installation a snap!

The N-SPEX TRUX STIX will give you a view of:

Left Side STIX: Left Top of Vehicle, left Side Upper, left Side lower, Front of Vehicle & License Plate

Right Side STIX: Right Top of Vehicle, Right Side Upper, Right Side lower, Rear of Vehicle & License Plate

For more information on the N-SPEX STIX TRUX – IP System (Vehicle Damage Inspection System), contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-301-2288 stop by our website