Overview & License Tag Capture Cameras with WiFi Recorder Access

Outdoor IP System for Documenting Vehicular Traffic Entering/Exiting Subdivisions, Remote Sites, Gated Entries, Lots, and other Non-Manned Sites.

DIY Kits are when you already have a pole or poles or even a building to mount the system. Your wiring will not be hidden if pole mounting, but this may be the most straightforward install for you. (Our Pre-Built systems pre-mounted on poles do not have any exposed wiring.)

Dual Lane/Entry or Gate System DIY Kit (part # EGS-2)

8 Channel RV-5 Outdoor IP System with two Overview Cameras(N-Range Camera) and two License Plate Capture Cameras(TagShot-IP Camera). Cameras can be up to 820 feet away from the Main System (longer if the wireless transmission is possible), but we know that wireless equipment will need additional power). Let us know your cabling lengths required, or contact us if you think wireless will be necessary.

RuggedVision-5 Gen II – 8 Channel Outdoor IP Network Video Recorder has a more powerful processor and can handle more video bandwidth than the original RV5.

N-Range Bullet Camera has a Motorized Varifocal Lens. This 2.8-12mm Zoom Lens gives you a 90-degree wide picture when zoomed out – then zooms into a 28-degree wide image. This makes it extremely easy and fast to fine-tune your scene, no matter where you mount this camera.

Tagshot IP License Plate Camera can read a license plate up to 50 distance using its 5-50mm motorized lens semi autofocus lens.

For more information on the subdivision license tag capture systems, contact one of our Design Engineers toll-free at 866-301-2288 or stop by our website ruggedcams.com