The Ruff-Ride from RuggedCams is an SDI PTZ camera with a 59.9 frame rate. That blends seamlessly to any news stations equipment. The Ruff-Ride is perfect for Storm Chasers and Mobile News Trucks or or Mobile Weather Broadcast Trucks because they are specifically designed to be a Mobile Roof Top Mounted Camera. This allows news teams to be in the most extreme locations and capture the harshest of weather or news conditions from the safety of their vehicle with the help of our compact PTZ controller. A news station in the Mid-West won an EMMY using one of our Ruff-Ride mobile camera systems for Storm Chasers and News Broadcasts. Will you be next?

Ruff-Ride Mobile Weather /
Storm Chaser Packages

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Ruff-Ride Storm Chaseer Package
Mobile Roof Top News Camera
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Many of our customers install our Ruff-Ride cameras as well as some of our other rugged cameras such as our Top Mast and Stronghold line of stainless steel cameras to cranes and other heavy machinery. One of our customers, Hard-Line, has integrated one of our Ruff-Rides into one of their massive earth moving CAT D10T bulldozers. Other’s are using a combination of cameras on cranes to help them see what’s going on around them and help keep an eye on their payload.

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