Ruff Ride Mobile Storm Chaser PTZ Package


Ruff Ride PTZ Camera Package

HD-SDI Camera 59.94fps broadcast frame rate

Package Includes:


Rugged Cams Industrial Grade Ruff-Ride Mobile PTZ with wiper is rated for outdoor, rough weather use. This is why it is the most used Mobile PTZ for Storm Chasers. Many Storm Chasers use this awesome camera, including The Weather Channel and hundreds of News Vans, which have this camera mast mounted.
One of the best features of this camera, and the one that has helped to spread this camera to Professionals serving the Broadcast Industry, is we have added the 59.94 Broadcast frame rate setting. This means this camera is directly compatible to Broadcast equipment.
The Ruff Ride Mobile PTZ can be ordered with either Infrared lamps or White Light Lamps. Many News stations use the White Light Model so that they can find addresses better at night (with the mast down, of course), or to illuminate debris or news scenes. The built-in lights are super bright, and will effectively light up a wide area.