IP Camera Occulus Moto Dome


4 MP Infrared Turret IP Camera with Motorized Lens

  • Built-in Microphone
  • IP67 Weatherproof
  • Temperature: -40º below to +140º F
  • Real Sony WDR

The new Occulus Eyeball Turret Camera from Enviro Cams is one of our best sellers. Integrators and End Users alike Love this camera for it’s many features and higher resolution. The fact that it has a built-in microphone is also valuable, and is another reason this camera is so popular

  • 820 Feet Video/Audio/Power over normal Cat5e (When using our Enviro Cams NVR’s in Extended Mode)
  • Built-in Microphone
  • IP67 Weatherproof – Indoor or Outdoor
  • Wide Temperature Rating: -40º below to +140º F
  • WDR (Sony’s 120dB Wide Dynamic Range)
  • Large 1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS Chip for better light gathering ability
  • 4 Megapixel Resolution (2592×1520 max) – H.264/H.265/MJPEG options – Triple Stream capable
  • Motorized 2.7mm to 12mm Varifocal Auto-Focus Megapixel Lens
  • Optically Clear Glass front protecting the lens that maximizes the amount of light reaching the lens, and a special made polycarbonate ring covering the IR LED’s, that has a special coating that controls reflection and passes Infrared Light easier and farther
  • Up to 100′ Infrared Illumination with Intensity-Controlled Smart IR’s
  • Narrow View Hallway Mode Menu option (9:16 ratio)
  • Supports POE and/or 12V DC (will fail over to 12V if POE is lost)
  • Optional Onboard Micro SD Card for stand-alone or POE loss Recording – with Automatic Download to NVR when POE is restored (purchase a pre-formatted/pre-installed SD Card on this page)
  • 2D and 3D Digital Noise Reduction options

In addition to the features listed above, this HD-IP Infrared Camera is fully OnVif compliant for use with just about any IP System, but the long distance Video/Audio/Power (820 feet), is only attained when connected to the Enviro Cams NVR’s or Switches.

Occulus has automatic Day/Night functionality with an IR Cut Filter and a low light changeover (at 0.02 Lux). The camera uses Intelligent Metering to constantly gauge the available light and picture darkness to set all of the lighting parameters, such as: Brightness, Backlight Compensation, etc., and sets them in milliseconds to always deliver the best possible picture under all lighting conditions.

When Sony’s powerful 120dB WDR is turned on, this Wide Dynamic Range feature also gauges the light to reduce glare from headlights at night, to see through a door or glass storefront when the Sun is shining in, and makes it where you can clearly see a persons face, even when strong sunlight is trying to blind the camera. This feature also works well with glare on wet concrete or when the light is blinding from a chrome bumper or from glass reflections.Only WDR can help to solve these problems.

Privacy Masking is also available with up to 8 areas that can be protected.The On-Screen Display can be turned on with Time, Date and a location name or other label.

This intelligent IP camera also uses Smart Analytics to help you determine when someone is in an area they shouldn’t be.This is accomplished via one of the built-in Behavior Detection features, such as:Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing or Motion Detection features.

Other Smart Features include Intelligent Identification, such as Face Detection (not to be confused with Facial Recognition), which can not only detect faces, but saves them and can line them up as if in a Police lineup, so that you can review the visitors for a particular time and replay the associated footage of them in it.Defocus, or Camera Tampering is another Identification feature. If an intruder tries to put something in fron to of the camera or perhaps spray the lens with something, the camera detects it and the NVR will start alarming.

Scene Change is another Identification feature.This can alert you if something in the scene should change, such as a valuable laptop is missing, or if a high value item is no longer on the shelf.

The other Smart Analytics Feature is People Counting.This feature can count people coming in a door, leaving an area, or both. Great way to keep a count on your daily or weekly shoppers or visitors.

The Occulus Moto-Dome Camera operates on POE (IEEE802.3af), or 12V DC (both inputs provided), and normally only pulls 3-4 watts during the day, but at night with the Infrared Lamps on and the motorized Zoom lens operating, it can pull a max of 8.16 watts.

The Occulus Moto-Dome is programmed to automatically use POE voltage as a preference, then if the POE fails or the line is cut, the Dome switches over to 12V DC quickly without any blip or glitch.Then, if installed, it will start recording to the optional SD Card.Then, when the POE line is restored, the Camera will automatically download its recordings and place them in the correct date/time place in the archives.

The Occulus Moto-Dome is covered by the Enviro Cams 3 Year Warranty.


Occulus Videos

Actual Footage from the Occulus Moto-Dome – Day/Night and Zoom


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