Long Ranger


  • 36x Zoom Lens
  • Non Infrared
  • -40deg;F – 140°F Rated
  • 24v AC
  • 540 TV Lines

The Long Ranger Outdoor PTZ Camera by Rugged Cams features a whole host of new features and technological advancements over our previous generations of PTZ Cameras.

One of the best new features is our modular “snap-in” camera module with pan and tilt. This feature makes installation so much easier than previous generations of PTZ’s, that it literally shaves off more than an hour from your installation time. In fact, installers are saying that they are making the connections and “snapping in” the module within minutes. Truly a revolution in PTZ design.

The Outdoor Long Ranger PTZ is at the lowest cost we have ever had for a Sony 36X Zoom module with 12X Digital Zoom, 540 lines of resolution and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range).

  • High-Speed turning and tilting (up to 540 degrees/second)
  • 360 degrees endless turning and Auto-Picture-Flip when tilting past straight down
  • 220 preset positions and 4 full Tours (up to 32 presets per tour possible).
  • 4000 Volt Lightning and Surge protection built-in
  • Fan & Heater enable operation in environments from -40 degrees below zero to 140 degrees above
  • Multi-language On-Screen Menu (English, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.)
  • 7 Alarm inputs and 2 Relay Outputs with linking to Preset positions you designate (for example: hook a motion detector up to one of the inputs and the PTZ will swing around to look at that area when the detector sees motion)
  • Auto Home Position (returns automatically to a Home position after manual manipulation)
  • 24V AC Power with Transformer included

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Corner Mount Available

Pole Mount Available