Bantam-4M Compact Bullet Camera


  • 800+ Feet over CAT5e
  • 4mm Lens 4 Megapixel (1080p)
  • -40 to +140 degrees (F) Temperature Range
  • SONY’s Real WDR


4 Megapixel Compact Infrared Bullet with Microphone

This little Compact Infrared Bullet Camera from Enviro Cams is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. The camera body itself is only 3-1/2” long, and the whole thing, mount included, is only a little over 6 inches long.

However, don’t let the small size fool you. This compact bullet packs a punch!

The Bantam-4M is a 4 Megapixel (2K) Compact Bullet Camera with a built-in microphone. It not only gives you excellent High Definition Video Indoors or Outdoors, but also picks up audio very well.

There are so many places that this camera would work well in – but keep in mind that with it’s fixed 4mm Wide-Angle Lens, that this camera is intended to be mounted close to the action. For example, if you are using it to watch a doorway, it’s best performance will be within 10-12 feet of the door. That is the nature of a wide-angle lens, it’s area of sharpest focus will be within that distance.

The Bantam-4M is Weatherproof Rated IP67, which means it can be in damp locations. It can also survive temperature extremes as well, since it is rated for -40 below and +140 above (F).

The two large Infrared Lamps can shine out as far as 100′ on a moonless night, and can see in total darkness.

The Bantam-4M operates on standard POE (48V), or 12V DC as well. The 12V can be used as primary voltage, or it can be used as a fail-over voltage if anything should happen to the POE line (total wattage with IR Lamps on = 6.4 watts).

One interesting feature built-in to this camera, is an Alarm input and output pigtail. This can allow real world sensors to be connected to the camera, and can also support the triggering of another device (via contact closure with no voltage). This means that you can interface to open a gate, turn on a light or even a siren, either remotely or via an alarm condition from the camera or system. The choices of how you can use this feature are almost endless.

Here are some additional features:

  • 820 feet for Audio, Video and Power over normal Cat5e (when connected to Enviro Cams NVR’s or POE Switches).

  • 4mm Fixed Lens (81 degree angle of view)

  • 1/3” 4.0 Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS

  • Digital WDR

  • H.265 (and H.265+), H.264 and MJPEG formats supported )picture size up to 2592 x 1520 (2K)

  • 9:16 Corridor Mode Supported

  • Motion Detection Zones

  • Also supports line crossing, Intrusion area, etc.

The Bantam-4M can also be purchased with the Optional Junction Box Mount or the Pole Mount.

The Bantam-4M is covered by Enviro Cams 3 Year Warranty






The Bantam-4M Compact Bullet with Mic

Actual Footage (you are watching at a lower rez than the camera delivers)



Junction Box

Pole Mount