Micron-IR Pocket Dome


  • 800+ feet over CAT5e
  • IP67 Weatherproof
  • Temperature: -40º below to +140º F
  • 4 megapixel (2K) 2.8mm Lens


4 Megapixel Pocket-Dome

The Micron-IR Pocket-Dome from Enviro Cams, is a 4 Megapixel Infrared Network Camera that can throw out IR Light up to 100′ on a Moonless night.

The 2.8mm Fixed Lens is Super Wide (90 degrees), and is best used where the area being watched is close. For example, when watching a door entry or exit – the area that will be in best focus is approximately 8-12 feet out. Anything farther out still looks great, but the best focus is within that 8-12 feet.

One of the great features of this camera, is the REAL Optical WDR (Wide Dynamic Range – with 120dB gain) from Sony. Unlike Digital WDR, this feature, when turned on and fine-tuned, can really help with blinding glare and when the sun is behind a person you are trying to see. This feature is yet another tool to tailor this camera to wherever you need it – despite the prevailing conditions.

This IP Camera works well indoors, and is hardened for outdoor use as well. For example, this dome camera is not only IP67 Weatherproof Rated for outdoor use in any weather, but is also IK10 Vandal-Resistant Rated. This means that this camera has been tested with the equivalent of a sledgehammer weighing more than 11 pounds – being dropped onto the dome from about 18” – with no damage.

Add in the fact that this camera is rated down to -40 below, and +140 (F), and you have a camera that is ready for anything you can throw at it.

Take a look at some of the other Features not already mentioned here:

  • 800 feet + for Power & Video over normal Cat5e (when connected to any Enviro Cams NVR or POE Switch with extended distance turned on).

  • Operates on POE voltage (48V) and/or 12V DC (12V can be used as a fail-over voltage

  • OnVif Conformance

  • 4 Megapixel Resolution (2K)

  • Super Wide angle 2.8mm Fixed Lens (90 degrees wide)

  • H.265, H.265+, H.264 and MJPEG Compressions (@1080p or lower)

  • Micro SD Card can be purchased (pre-formatted for use in the camera), and can be used as stand-alone recording or as a fail-over if POE Power is cut. When POE is restored, the card will automatically download all the recording to the NVR.

  • Supports many Smart Analytics – People counting, Face Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Motion, etc.

  • This camera has Audio input wires and Audio output wires. This makes it possible to add an external Mic, or to even have Two-Way Audio.

  • Also has 1 Alarm input cable and 1 Alarm output. This can facilitate many scenarios. For example: connect a door sensor, and turn on a light or siren (no voltage present, so an Interface or Relay will be needed).

The Micron-IR is covered by Enviro Cams 3 Year Warranty




Micron-IR 4 Megapixel Infrared Pocket Dome

Actual Footage from the Micron-IR Pocket Dome


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