LAZ/IR Laser Infrared IP PTZ


  • 800+ feet over CAT5e
  • 33x Zoom Lens (4.5mm to 148.5mm)
  • 24V AC or 24V DC
  • Up to 1600′ ft Laser Infrared Distance
  • OnVif Conformance
  • H.265, H.265+, H.264 and MJPEG Compressions


Outdoor Starlight

Laser IR PTZ

The Laz/IR is a 2 Megapixel Outdoor Starlight Infrared PTZ Camera that actually has an Onboard Laser Infrared Module that Lasers Light as far away as 1600 feet!

This incredible Laser Module also zooms and narrows in synch with the 33X Zoom Lens, so they work in tandem to make sure that the area you are trying to see, is illuminated – even if it is more than a ¼ mile away (or further).

Please take a look at the nighttime footage from this Laz/IR PTZ. This camera delivers the smoothest, best focus nighttime pictures than just about any other PTZ we’ve ever seen.

The Laz/IR also has regular Infrared Lamps onboard for illuminating people or objects that are closer to the cameras as well. So it is not only an excellent long distance camera – but a great close-in cameras as well. You get the best of both worlds with the Laz/IR PTZ.

This 2 Megapixel Starlight Network Camera is primarily designed for outdoor use. It is not only outdoor rated (IP66), but since it carries an actual Laser Infrared Module capable of great distances – needs a big space to operate.

The Infrared LED Lamps that are also onboard, can throw light around the cameras location to almost 100 feet. But when you need to see farther – the Laser will deliver. Need to see a gate more than a quarter of a mile away? No problem – the Laz/IR will illuminate it. Need to see down a fence line that stretches hundreds and hundreds of feet? Got it covered.

(or – in Starlight Mode – you can turn off all the Infrared lamps and Laser and go stealth!)

Plus – the IR Lamps are controlled via Smart IR, which controls the brightness based on the picture – if something is too close and starts glaring too much white in the picture, it turns down the brightness.

The Motorized Zoom Lens (4.5mm to 148.5mm), is intended to zoom down fence lines, all the way across a warehouse, out to a gate or perimeter fence, or to zoom in really close on processes or machinery.

The view starts out at about 63 degrees wide, then zooms in to only 3.67 degrees wide.

So that should give you a pretty clear picture of what this camera is designed to do. It’s made for Zooming in to see detail at greater distances (Digital Zoom can also be turned on).

This PTZ can have as many as 256 Preset positions, can run up to 16 Patrols and Patterns It can perform these Patrols and Patterns at great speed as well – up to 300 degrees per second rotation is possible.

It also has a Home position that it will return to after a time you have set.

This PTZ Camera delivers 1080p resolution at 30fps, and can also be set to 720p or lower if needed. It also has the ability to carry an SD Card for stand-alone or emergency backup recording (up to 128Gb).

One of the great features of this camera, is the REAL Optical WDR (Wide Dynamic Range – with 120dB gain) from Sony. Unlike Digital WDR, this feature, when turned on and fine-tuned, can really help with blinding glare and when the sun is behind a person you are trying to see. This is commonly encountered after a rain when sunlight is glaring off of a puddle or lake. This feature is yet another tool to tailor this camera to wherever you need it – despite the prevailing conditions.

This IP Camera is Outdoor Rated (IP66), and also works well indoors in larger, open spaces. Add in the fact that this camera is rated down to -40 below, and +158 (F), and you have a camera that is ready for just about any environment you need it to be. Freezer warehouses? Alaska? No Problem.

Take a look at some of the other Features of the Laz/IR PTZ:

  • 800 feet + for Video and Audio over normal Cat5e (when connected to any Rugged Cams NVR or POE Switch with extended distance turned on). This PTZ pulls a lot of power, so Operation Voltage must be more local to the camera (within a couple hundred feet max when using AC voltage).

  • 24V AC (default voltage) or 24V DC (8-50 watts max) POE is possible – PSE required

  • Intelligent Temperature Control – Fans control the temperature of the PTZ and heat dissipation is highly effective

  • Innovative Snow Removal Technology – heats up the Lens and Lamp areas to melt off ice and snow

  • 6KV Surge Protection – designed to protect the Network and NVR

  • OnVif Conformance

  • H.265, H.265+, H.264 and MJPEG Compressions (@1080p or lower)

  • Micro SD Card can be purchased (pre-formatted for use in the camera), and can be used as stand-alone recording or as a fail-over if POE Power is cut. When POE is restored, the card will automatically download all the recording to the NVR.

  • Supports many Smart Analytics – People counting, Face Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Motion, etc.

  • This camera has Audio input wires and Audio output wires as well. This makes it possible to not only add an external Mic if needed, but to also add a speaker and have 2-way communication at the camera end.

  • Also has an Alarm input connection. This can facilitate many scenarios. For example: connect a door or other type sensor, and program actions based on that – such as going to a preset position, send an email, etc.

The Laz/IR PTZ is covered by Rugged Cams 3 Year Warranty



Laz/IR 33X Laser Infrared PTZ


Laz/IR PTZ Day & Night Footage


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