Electrically Isolated Junction Box


This Junction Box Mount is made specifically to fit our Occulus Moto-Dome.(NOTE: This mount can also be purchased together with the Occulus Moto-Dome – see link above)
Thanks to a great design and rubber isolation grommets, this Junction Box is not only handy for all types of mounting locations, but it also keeps the camera safe from any transient voltage or ground problems when mounted on a metal structure.
This Junction Box Mount has a foam insulating/isolating pad on the back, and a large hole for passing cables through to whatever it’s mounted on.
It also has a 3/4″ NPS conduit fitting connection in the bottom.

This mount comes with screws for mounting the junction box (with sheetrock inserts), and also machine screws for mounting the Occulus Moto-Dome to it.

Measurements:5.9′ diameter by 1.6″ deep (both are outside dimensions)


This Mount fits the Following Cameras

  • Occulus Moto Dome
  • Micron-IR Pocket Dome