Delivery Door Camera Viewer


  • 3.5″ Color TFT Display
  • 300,000 Pixel Resolution
  • Stores up to 100 Photos
  • Do Not Disturb Function

3.5″ Color LCD Delivery Door Bell & Camera Viewer. Automatically takes a Time/Date Stamped picture of every visitor (up to 100 photos).

For Businesses that have deliveries at a back door. Allows you to see exactly who is at the door before you let them inside. Delivery person pushes the doorbell button, the doorbell chimes loudly inside to allow employees to know when someone is at the delivery door, and to see who it is before you let them in.

Built-in Memory can take up to 100 time/date stamped photos, and they can be reviewed via the Up/Down buttons or from the Menu in Preview Mode (scrolls through automatically). Camera takes a picture each time the Call Button is pressed. Other Menu settings include: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Language, Date, Time and other settings. has a “Do Not Disturb” setting that silences the bell and stops the other functions. Picture changes to black & white mode in darkness.

3 AA batteries will last for up to 1000 operations (batteries not included). Fits any door that is 2.36″ – 3.54″ thick /or 1.65″ – 2.83″ thick . This fits most doors, but please check your door thickness before ordering. Fits in size of current peephole viewers.

Delivery Door Camera Specifications

Display 3.5″ Color TFT display
Peephole Size Barrel Diameter .475″ – 1.18″
Door Size (Thickness) 2.36″ – 3.54″ thick /or 1.65″ – 2.83″ thick
Resolution 300,000 pixels
Power 3 AA Batteries
View Angle 150°
Dimensions Inside Monitor Unit 6..10″W X 4.05″H X 1.25″D
Outside Camera Unit approx. 2.36″ Diameter x .820″h
Weight .750 lbs