COAX-SEAL Weatherproof Sealant for CCTV


  • 1/2 In. Wide
  • Coax Seal 48, 4 – 12′ Roll’s
  • Coax Seal 10, 1 – 10″ strip
  • Stays Flexible at any temperature
  • Made in the USA

Coax-Seal is an advanced plastic material that quickly and effectively seals all types and shapes of fittings. Coax-Seal is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-conducting and can be used for many electronics applications. Coax-Seal stays flexible for years and will ensure moisture proof connections and long cable connection life. Coax-Seal can be easily removed to service or disconnect fittings.

  • Seals and protects all types of cable, wire and connectors from moisture and corrosion
  • Ideal for all types of CCTV, Coax Video Cable, satellite dishes, marine and aviation electronics, and any application requiring protection from the weather
  • Adheres to all cable and wire hardware and cable jackets
  • Offers years of protection from the effects of weather
  • Stays flexible, hot or cold; easy to remove
  • Used in many industries, including telecommunications, wireless networks, military, marine, aviation, aerospace and commercial radio
  • Effective at temperatures from -30°F to +180°F
  • Made in USA


Viscosity ASTM D5-52, gm load, 5 sec.=7.0/10.0 mm. Non-hardening, non-oxidizing at ambient temperature.
Temperature Range: Apply between 40° F. to 110° F.
Percent Solids 98%
Solvents None
Optimum Cure Cycle Not curable
Application Equipment Hand applied
Other Properties Material is non-staining to paint; stays flexible and maintains a waterproof seal over an extreme range of temperatures. Will not crack at -200° F, will not slump 1 hr. @350° F.