8 Camera 2 Location Wireless Kit


  1. Mid Range distances 100' – 6500'
  2. 40-50MBPS Bandwidth
  3. Line of Sight Panel to Panel Required
  4. 4K capable

Wireless Kit – Up to 8 Cameras at 2 Locations

For converting up to 8 cameras at two locations to Wireless Transmission back to the NVR location


This Kit has a trio (3) of Wireless Transceivers, plus two 4 Channel Outdoor POE Switches, that are configured for connecting up to 4 cameras to each of two Wireless Panels (4 cameras is about the practical limit for each panel). The 3rd Panel will be close to the NVR location and will receive the signal from both transmitting panels (as long as the two transmitting panels are within 60 degrees of the NVR receiving panel).


This Kit contains:

  • 3 Enviro Cams Wireless Transceiver Panels (100 feet to 6500 feet as long as it has a clear line of sight) (each panel has it’s own 48V POE Power Supply) Two Panels set to “Camera”, and one set to “AP” or Access Point).
  • 2 – 4 Channel Outdoor POE Switches for connecting up to 4 cameras to each of the Transmitting Wireless Panels
  • 13 – 50′ RJ45 Cables (at each camera location – one from each of the 4 cameras to the POE Switch, then 1 from the Switch output port to the LAN side of the POE Power Supply, then the other from the POE port of the Power Supply to the Panel. At the NVR side, if you come from a POE Port on your NVR or Switch, then you only need 1 cable into the yellow connector on the Wireless Panel.  (No need to use the 48V POE Power Supply at the NVR side since the POE Port on your NVR or Switch is providing the power.)