Vehicle Condition Documentation Systems

The N-SPEX System Vehicle Condition Documentation Systems, is used to document the condition of vehicles, from various camera positions and angles, as they enter the facility, during the process or service, and also as they leave the facility. Authorized personnel may view Live or pre-recorded footage of each vehicle to detect damage or unsafe conditions, and to quickly determine if the damage or unsafe condition was pre-existing, happened while at the facility, or after leaving the facility.

The N-SPEX Vehicle Condition Documentation System gives you the High Resolution tools you need to avoid most damage claims, and can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Our N-SPEX System is used for a variety of facilities including:


  • Car Wash Operators
  • Auto Service Centers
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Parking Lots
  • Rental Car Return Inspections
  • Valet Service Business
  • Government and Military Operations

On our Trux system is used to view & document the front, back, sides and top of all Trucks, Trailers, Rail Cars, etc. Truck / Trailer / Cargo / Container / Rail Car Inspection Condition & Documentation System.

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The N-SPEX System and all versions/models, are manufactured under patent #7,764196.
This patent covers the entire process of inspecting vehicles for damage – with any type of camera, and from any location inside oroutside of the facility. Please call us if you know of any cameras or devices being used or marketed for this purpose.

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