RuggedCams thrive outdoors!

 For almost 30 years, Rugged Cams has specialized in manufacturing security cameras for all types of harsh environments and outdoor installations. Over the course of almost 3 decades, we have learned a lot about how to make cameras survive in challenging conditions. Cold, Heat, Dust and corrosive environments are tough to withstand, especially over the course of years of exposure. Customer feedback has led us to design better gaskets, temperature control and better ways to handle moisture and condensation issues.

 Rugged Cams tests our camera designs extensively, and we also certify them to IP67 and IP68 standards. These IP, or “Ingress Protection” standards ensures that our cameras are impervious to water or dust incursion. Over the years, we have learned to design the enclosures better, to make the electronic boards more tolerant of temperature extremes, and to seek out better dessicant pack formulations to combat condensation and fogging that occur with rapid temperature changes. These temperature swings can occur for a variety of reasons, for example; cameras placed by a curtain door at a Cold Storage facility, or in areas where the sun replaces shade during the day.

 Another challenge our customers face, is long range wiring or wireless distances. We have successfully tackled both of these issues. First, we designed better POE equipment that allowed us to go out to 820 feet and beyond (we are working on at least a 1000 feet as we speak), with not only Audio and Video, but with power as well. This innovation now allows us to easily install cameras at distances that would have required Repeaters or Boosters before. This was always problematic because many times there was no place to power these electronics, and those devices were ultimately just adding additional points of failure to an installation.

Wireless was our next obstacle to work on. The little rubber ducky antennas on some lower quality home or apartment cameras don’t have very much range at all, so we were determined to design wireless that had the ability to connect numerous cameras to one Transceiver, but to operate up to 10,000 feet, as long as it is “line-of-sight”. These new wireless pairs are simple to install, as they are “Point & Shoot” style. Simply point them toward their sibling, and when you get a green light, you’re done. These easy to deploy wireless sets are not only very affordable, but can make installation at many troublesome sites a breeze.

Because of our continuing effort to provide cameras for challenging environments and long distance types of installations, Rugged Cams equipment can be found at hundreds of types of sites, for example; Marinas, Self Storage facilities, RV Parks/Campgrounds, Cold Storage facilities, Concrete plants, Rock Quarries, Engine test cells, Rocket launch sites, Sewer Plants, Fish Farms, Processing Plants, Factories and hundreds of additional industries and facilities that need specialized equipment that will survive in their environment.