VGA Monitor Extender


Real Time Transmission of Audio & Video up to 1000′ by cat5 cable

VGA Extenders allow Hi Performance audio and video quality over standard CAT5 cable while maintaining the sharpest and clearest signal available.

  • Real Time transmission of audio and video signals via CAT5 cable
  • NO TCP/IP protocol or networking required
  • Supports local and remote VGA monitors and speakers
  • Small LCD Monitor Image
  • Long range transmission up to 1000 ft
  • Plug and play, compatible with all format VGA video signals
  • Built in ESD and Surge protection

Supports Video Resolutions from 640×480 to 1920×1441.

Can Use S Video Adaptor, or VGA to RCA/YPbPr for Supporting diffrent inputs/outputs.

Carries Audio(stereo) and Video from 100′ to 1000′ at the following maximum resolutions

  • 1024×768 = 1000′
  • 1280×1024 = 800′
  • 1600×1200 = 600′
  • 1920×1440 = 200′
  • use CAT5 or CAT5e utp cables If using STP type cable distance = half the above distances
  • NOTE: CAT6 cable has a lighter skew than CAT5/5e, and may cause colors to smear also distance will be half of the above listings.

Perfect for creating a secondary security monitoring station. Use in-house CAT5/5e/6 phone wiring with RJ45 connectors to locate a monitor remotely.

The Transmission Unit is powered via USB cable(included) from the DVR or by 12v transformer (not included). The Receiving Unit is powered by the 12v transformer(included).

VGA Extender Close Up