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The Problem with IP Cameras

The problems we are running into with IP security cameras though, is that the resulting bandwidth and file sizes are huge. A 3 or 5 megapixel camera produces huge pictures that not only cover a wide area, but will allow “zooming in” multiple times without blurring and pixelating the picture. But since each captured image will result in large file sizes, the resulting bandwidth and storage will create problems.

How To Make Sure Your Security Camera Recordings will be the Same Quality as a DVD Movie

How To Make Sure Your Security Camera Recordings will be the Same Quality as a DVD Movie By Allen Spears – Chief Engineer at Rugged CCTV Full Version found at When you are researching a Security Camera System, it is easy to be fooled into buying a system that does not have the ability […]

What is the number one mistake owners and operators make with their carwash security cameras?

Hands down, the number one mistake most operators make is buying a security camera system from a discount warehouse, Internet retailer or overseas manufacturer. You will find that these systems are not intuitive to use and are hard to navigate. The manuals are not readable or understandable, and the available resolutions that you can record […]

Learn how to watch people and cars on your property

If you have a business and would like to watch your employees but don’t know how – we’re here to help! We’ve included some helpful information below in the form of an informal tutorial: Whether you are considering covert or non-covert, or wired, or wireless, all camera surveillance systems are similar in nature. They all involve […]

What You Need to Know About Accessing Your Cameras Remotely

Remote Access Information you need to know, before you buy your high speed Ethernet connection. The internet has been wonderful for some time on researching surveillance equipment, finding an installer in your area, and locating a manufacturer to purchase your equipment from. With in the last several years, the features offered by most stand alone […]

What to look for when purchasing a DVR for your Security Camera System

Deciding to go Digital is easy. By now you probably already know all the reasons for switching to Digital Video recorders, such as: the ease of locating events without having to slog through hours of recordings, excellent storage quality that does not degrade after repeated viewings, their ability to multi-task and do several things at […]

How to Choose Good Quality Security Cameras

The best security cameras consist of two basic, but very crucial elements – the quality of the image sensor and the quality of the parts and engineering of the camera components themselves. Listed in the specifications of each surveillance camera, you will find out who makes the “guts” of the camera. In other words, what […]

Make sure the Security System DVR you choose is easy to operate

In the small towns where I have several businesses, the Police are astounded at the quality of the video clips I give them. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, ten years ago they weren’t interested in looking at any video evidence I had because they said that the pictures were so poor that […]