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Rugged CCTV is a Manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and complete Security Camera Systems for Business & Industry. We Custom Design Security Camera Systems FREE for your Facility or Site. Rugged Cams holds the Patents on many of our specialized products.

ruggedcctvbuildingimageblog1 - Building the Rugged Cams N-Spex Systems for Car Washes, Parking Garages and other sites where you need to determine pre-existing or current damage to vehicles entering and leaving. This is a Patented product that we ship out every day.

Rugged Cams Has A Complete Line of Stainless Steel Cameras

Our Stainless Steel Security Cameras are top of the line equipment that is manufactured to the strictest standards and tested very thoroughly to assure we have the best products available. If you are looking for something that is strong and will last, you’ve come to the right place. The Stainless Steel Cameras are very durable […]

Stainless Steel Bullet Cameras

Our famous Stainless Steel Bullet Cameras are top rated in their category. We offer Explosion Proof Cameras, Stainless Steel Dome Cameras, Mobile Cameras and many many other models. Our SternWatch camera, for example, has better resolution, better stainless steel body, better infrared lamps and a better waterproof design. It is top of the line in […]

Stainless Steel Security Cameras

The Stainless Steel Security Cameras are well worth taking into consideration. We have a wide variety of quality Security Cameras, and our Stainless Steel Security Cameras are above the rest. They feature many options, and are perfect for any harsh environment. We have the camera if you are in need. We can also get you […]

Stainless Steel Mobile Camera

We would like to introduce our newest breakthrough Stainless Steel Mobile Camera, these incredible stainless steel cameras are not only durable and extremely rugged, but they are surprisingly affordable as well. If you can find a Stainless Steel Dome Camera or a Stainless Steel Bullet Camera for a lower cost, we would like to know […]

How To Choose An Industrial Security Camera System

Industrial Security Camera Systems are invaluable to your safety and others, your employees, family, and customers. The video feeds they provide allow you to reduce theft, review an accident, crime, or an attempted crime. This video you can watch over again, zoom in or out, pause, re-wind, copy to a USB drive, and even give […]

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family With Infrared Security Cameras

There are many uses for an Infrared Security Cameras, protect your Business, protect your employees, your property, customers, and much more. But also, if you have an elderly parent living with you in your home. A home security system can be invaluable. The Infrared Security Camera can allow you to check on their well-being even […]