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Rugged CCTV is a Manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and complete Security Camera Systems for Business & Industry. We Custom Design Security Camera Systems FREE for your Facility or Site. Rugged Cams holds the Patents on many of our specialized products.

ruggedcctvbuildingimageblog1 - What is the number one mistake owners and operators make with their carwash security cameras?

What is the number one mistake owners and operators make with their carwash security cameras?

Hands down, the number one mistake most operators make is buying a security camera system from a discount warehouse, Internet retailer or overseas manufacturer. You will find that these systems are not intuitive to use and are hard to navigate. The manuals are not readable or understandable, and the available resolutions that you can record […]

What is happening that is new with today’s security cameras?

At Rugged CCTV, 5% of our budget goes into Research & Development toward new products designed for use in the highly corrosive environments commonly found at car washes. We are also developing new and better ways to render video, both at the camera and at the recorder. One of the new technologies we have developed […]

What are the best ways to waylay criminals and why?

Try to take a three-fold approach: deter, detect and delay. Deterring criminals always starts with good locks and solid entry points. But it also includes things like making sure that you have plenty of alarm signs and stickers placed at access points and cash points. Having an alarm system may not stop criminals from breaking […]

What are some of the top things a criminal looks for when choosing a business to rob?

What are some of the top things a criminal looks for when choosing a business to rob? Burglars are not professionals as a rule, so they are mainly opportunistic and look for easy targets. They may have been in your business and something got their attention, such as seeing a low security safe, or a […]

Ground Loop Issues with Security Camera Images

When you notice that your security camera pictures have either thin or thick horizontal bands or bars across the picture that slowly move up or down the screen, you may have a Ground Loop issue. Video Ground Loop problems, (sometimes referred to as 60 cycle Bars), are either faint lines or so wide that they […]

Learn how to watch people and cars on your property

If you have a business and would like to watch your employees but don’t know how – we’re here to help! We’ve included some helpful information below in the form of an informal tutorial: Whether you are considering covert or non-covert, or wired, or wireless, all camera surveillance systems are similar in nature. They all involve […]

What You Need to Know About Accessing Your Cameras Remotely

Remote Access Information you need to know, before you buy your high speed Ethernet connection. The internet has been wonderful for some time on researching surveillance equipment, finding an installer in your area, and locating a manufacturer to purchase your equipment from. With in the last several years, the features offered by most stand alone […]

Business Security Camera Systems – Protect Your Investment

It is so important to protect your business from theft and liability issues, even more so in today’s economy. People are getting more and more desperate and thefts are rising daily. Good quality business security cameras and business digital video recorders can save your company thousands of dollars from just one recorded incident. Many businesses […]