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Rugged CCTV is a Manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and complete Security Camera Systems for Business & Industry. We Custom Design Security Camera Systems FREE for your Facility or Site. Rugged Cams holds the Patents on many of our specialized products.

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It’s Time To Start Wiring With CAT-6e

Our installers report that about 80-90% of new installations are being wired with CAT-6e now. So, if you’re still running CAT-5e, start changing over immediately. This means you’ll have to order CAT-6e, and you’ll need to purchase new RJ-45 connectors for CAT-6e as well.

The Problem with IP Cameras

The problems we are running into with IP security cameras though, is that the resulting bandwidth and file sizes are huge. A 3 or 5 megapixel camera produces huge pictures that not only cover a wide area, but will allow “zooming in” multiple times without blurring and pixelating the picture. But since each captured image will result in large file sizes, the resulting bandwidth and storage will create problems.

Rugged CCTV presents “Pimp My Forklift”

Just for grins, Rugged CCTV hosted a competition among the Design Engineers for a “Pimp My Forklift” competition. The winning design is a polished Diamond Plate model that screams “Warehouse Bling“. “It was really fun, and an uplifting experience, punned Chief Engineer, Allen Spears (amid groans from the staff), “and it really raises the issue […]

Your Business May Be Hit Next – A Security Camera System Is The Answer

Your Business May Be Hit Next – By Allen Spears – Rugged CCTV Crime can hit your business in many different ways, and can cost you thousands in losses, deductibles and increases in coverage premiums. But crime can also impact your revenue, and in some cases, to such an extent that it could even cause […]

How To Make Sure Your Security Camera Recordings will be the Same Quality as a DVD Movie

How To Make Sure Your Security Camera Recordings will be the Same Quality as a DVD Movie By Allen Spears – Chief Engineer at Rugged CCTV Full Version found at When you are researching a Security Camera System, it is easy to be fooled into buying a system that does not have the ability […]

What is the number one mistake owners and operators make with their carwash security cameras?

Hands down, the number one mistake most operators make is buying a security camera system from a discount warehouse, Internet retailer or overseas manufacturer. You will find that these systems are not intuitive to use and are hard to navigate. The manuals are not readable or understandable, and the available resolutions that you can record […]