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Rugged CCTV is a Manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and complete Security Camera Systems for Business & Industry. We Custom Design Security Camera Systems FREE for your Facility or Site. Rugged Cams holds the Patents on many of our specialized products.

ruggedcctvbuildingimageblog1 - New Waterproof Dome Camera (with Video)

New Waterproof Dome Camera (with Video)

The Neptune is the latest in our line of IP68 Rated Dome Cameras.  The Neptune is totally waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof and chemical resistant.  This amazing High Resolution Dome Security Camera sports 580 lines of Resolution and is not only waterproof, but can be totally submerged and even washed down with a pressure washer. The Neptune […]

Security Camera Installation Instructions

by Jennifer Spears – System Design Engineer Rugged CCTV Time and time again I am asked if surveillance camera systems come with a manual on installing the cameras. My answer is – ALL surveillance systems for businesses and regular home purchase should come with some type of guide to walk you through how to install […]

A New Line of WaterTight / WaterProof IP68 series of cameras will be introduced this week and next

Does your camera location get too wet, too cold, too dusty, too hot? Then we have a complete new line of Rugged Cams to tackle your toughest challenges.

DVR, Quad Processor, or Switcher – Differences and Preferences

DVR, Quad Processor, or Switcher – Differences and Preferences by Jennifer Spears Security System Design Engineer I thought we’d get back to basics for a minute and discuss the options available when you have more than one surveillance camera at your business. I’m going to be talking about 3 different pieces of equipment. I’ll be […]

Top 10 Questions About Buying A Security Camera System

Here are the Top 10 Questions I am asked on a daily basis for what a business needs in reference to security cameras and security camera systems.

Certain Types of Crime Are On The Rise

Certain Types Of Crimes Are On The Rise by Allen Spears – Chief Engineer Rugged CCTV Certain types of crimes against persons and property are becoming more commonplace as the economy weathers the recession. While it is true that violent crimes seem to be decreasing in some areas, property crimes and business thefts are building […]

Rugged CCTV Makes Security Cameras For Businesses

Rugged CCTV started manufacturing security cameras for businesses in 1993. Since that time, tens of thousands of businesses have relied on us to protect their property and businesses from crime and vandalism.