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Rugged CCTV is a Manufacturer of Digital Security Cameras and complete Security Camera Systems for Business & Industry. We Custom Design Security Camera Systems FREE for your Facility or Site. Rugged Cams holds the Patents on many of our specialized products.

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Infrared Security Cameras Can Give You An Edge

How do you ensure your office, store or business is safe when leaving it in total darkness? Thieves, prowlers or employees trying to sneak into your building at night will take advantage of the lack of light to walk in without being seen. Most security camera systems can only function properly given a source of light on the area to be captured. Images from these security and surveillance cameras, if captured in darkness or with inadequate lightning, are useless. They either only show a black screen or such a grainy or dark picture that most details of the footage are lost, leaving you with a break in but no evidence or lead to start an investigation. Click the headline above to find out how Infrared Security Cameras can help you protect your business.

Remote Access and Complete Control of Your DVR Security System from Anywhere

Security camera systems have evolved considerably through the years, making surveillance easier, more effective and helping make countless environments safer. What was once considered the utmost in security camera systems is now soon to be obsolete, thanks to digital video recorder (DVR) technology. If you or your company are still using an outdated, tape based security camera system, you might want to consider upgrading to the more secure, versatile and user-friendly DVR security camera system. Click the title to learn more…

Advantages of Having Security Cameras At Your Office

Your office is most probably the center stage of your professional life. It is where you work, where you keep valuable information, perhaps even money, most likely documents and employee files. For these and other important reasons, your office environment is worth protecting with a quality security camera system. Click the title above and find out how security cameras can help in a myriad of ways.

Security Cameras and Surveillance Camera Systems In Retail Stores

Many Retail Stores say that they have paid for their Security Camera System within a few short months because the system has reduced employee and customer theft almost overnight. Security and Surveillance Camera Systems are one of the best purchases any retail store can make. Click on the title above to read more…

Security Cameras and Security Camera Systems : Good for Business

Having Security Cameras at your business can help you stay profitable – even in slow times. Security Cameras are a management tool when you use them correctly. Click on the title to read more….

Restaurant Security Camera Systems

Security Cameras in your Restaurant pay for themselves quickly. Many restaurant owners are surprised at how much inventory goes out the back door, or how many drinks are unaccounted for. Security cameras also help to sort out customer complaints and even catch customer walk-offs.

Using Security Cameras to Protect Your Home

What is more important than your home? It is where you live, where you keep valuable objects, and more importantly, where you provide a safe haven for your family. No one should have to feel unsafe in their own home. Unfortunately, there are many people who wouldn’t think twice about destroying that sense of security […]

The Toughest Infrared Dome Security Camera In The World

Another Tough, Smart Security Camera design from Rugged CCTV Kemp, Texas — July 12, 2010 — Quite a few Security Cameras claim that they are waterproof. However, if you were to toss many of those cameras into a water tank, you would find out pretty quickly that “waterproof” actually means that they are “water resistant”. […]

The Ultimate Waterproof Infrared Dome Camera (Video)

The Atlantis Infrared Dome Camera is in a class all by itself. Not only is this remarkable camera waterproof, weatherproof, vandalproof and chemical-resistant, but it is also Ultra High Resolution with 580 lines and a Sony DSP to boot. The Atlantis is completely sealed and nitrogen injected, so it can literally be submerged with no […]

A Dome Security Camera Rugged Enough For Any Environment

Security Cameras have advanced to the point where they are smarter and smaller than they once were, but they also seem to be more fragile and have a shorter life than they did a decade ago. Most Security Camera manufacturers explain this by invoking the “they don’t make things like they used to” excuse. One […]