For extra-large facilities, you need a 128 Channel Network Video Recorder.

This NVR is a 128 Channel NVR, which is referred to as the “16128” series. The first two numbers refer to how many hard drives the unit can hold, and the last three numbers denote how many channels, or IP cameras it can accommodate. This NVR is built for a property like shipyards/dockyards, daycares, warehouse, […]

The 64ch NVR is made for large retail, factories, and manufacturing plant.

The 64ch NVR is made for large retail, factories, and manufacturing plant.         No more need for multiple camera security systems, when you can purchase our 64 channel network video recorder for those large facilities. That 64 channel means you can have up 64 cameras inside and outside, with the hard drive size of 32TB of […]

RuggedVision5-8 Channel Outdoor IP Network Video Recorder

Outdoor surveillance is more important than ever, and there are places that you need to have an Outdoor IP Network Video Recorder, and for those places, we have the RuggedVision-5 an eight-channel outdoor IP NVR. Some of the unique features of this outdoor unit are the NEMA-4 waterproof and weatherproof box that we install all […]

Vehicle Condition Documentation Systems the High-Resolution tool you need to avoid most damage claims.

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Do you own a Car Wash Operation, Auto Service Centers, Auto Dealerships, Parking Lots, Rental Car Return Inspections, Valet Service Business, or a Government and Military Operations? Are you paying thousands in insurance claims? We can help cut the cost of those claims; we have the right system for you, the vehicle condition documentation system. […]

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