N-Spex Trux Stix can be purchased in one of two flavors.

Eight Hi-Resolution HD-TVI or HD-IP cameras make up the vehicle condition inspection and documentation system, also know as the N-Spex Mega Trux Stix. This unique unit views and documents the front, back, sides, and top of all Trucks, Trailers, Rail Cars, etc. Truck / Trailer / Cargo / Container / Rail Car Inspection Condition & […]

The IP pan tilt zoom camera with a full spectrum of features

The Spectrum-22 is an indoor-outdoor IP PTZ camera with the abilities that not all IP PTZ cameras have. This camera is also made for nighttime surveillance; it has three types of lighting Infrared, White Light, and Starlight. When this camera is zoomed out the White Light kicks in, then as you zoom in, they will […]

Looking for a versatile IP pan tilt zoom camera.

LAZ/IR Laser Infrared IP PTZ camera is an excellent long-distance camera but also a great close-in camera for surveillance. This IP PTZ is made for the night time outdoors, with the on-board laser infrared module that lasers light as far away as 1600 feet. This incredible Laser Module also zooms and narrows in synch with […]

Commander-30 Infrared Starlight PTZ

We carry the biggest selection of IP Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, with some of the best features. The Commander-30 Infrared Starlight IP PTZ is one of those cameras. Here are a few of those features. Supports many Smart Analytics – People counting, Face Detection, Line Crossing, Intrusion, Motion, etc. This camera has Audio input wires. […]

So many views with just one camera and in 4K resolution.

This one IP dome camera can take the place of 4-6 regular cameras, especially in single room applications. Since you can see the entire room with one single camera now, these cameras are catching on quickly. This camera gives you multiple modes for each mounting method you may choose. With the ceiling mount & the […]

The mobile or stationary Starlight IP pan tilt zoom camera.

The Night Chaser-44X IP PTZ camera is designed for the harshest of environments, design to be used in a mobile application or a stationary installation. This camera works great for a top mount camera used for masts, pole tops, or vehicle mounting.  Time to see some of the unique features this camera has.  Check out […]

Made for indoor-only but packed with lots of features.

The Indy-22 is an Indoor IP PTZ Camera that does not have infrared lamps, but that is by design. This 2-megapixel starlight network camera is intended for offices, warehouses and other indoor areas that either have lighting on most of the time or have enough light to be gathered by the Starlight Sensor when the lights may […]

PTZ4K22 – 4K the Indoor/Outdoor Network Pan Tilt Zoom – in 4K resolution

The PTZ-4K-22 is a 12 Megapixel Indoor/Outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom Camera that is one of only a handful of 4K PTZ Cameras available – ANYWHERE! The Huge Infrared LED Lamps onboard this awesome 4K PTZ, are Intensity-Controlled Smart IP Lamps. They can throw out light as far as 800 feet! Smart IR, which controls the brightness based […]

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