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What A Waterproof Dome Camera Can Do For You

Owning a Waterproof Dome Camera is a wise investment. Not only for your protection, but also for the protection of your property. The Dome Camera is one of the most advantageous of the security cameras offered today. They are also rich in features. The housings are totally sealed, heated for cold environments (down to -40 […]


The Sentry-HD and the Sentry-HD/IR Dome Cameras are the most feature-rich dome cameras that Rugged Cams has ever offered. The housings are totally sealed, Heated for Cold Environments (to -40º below), Carry a 3-Year Warranty, are Dual Voltage operated, and deliver flawless HD Video at 1080p in real time. No other Weatherproof Dome Cameras that […]

Weatherproof Waterproof Dome Camera – The DEFIANT-RG from Rugged Cams

The Defiant-RG Weatherproof Waterproof Dome Camera is not only the best camera in the Rugged Cams lineup, but also has the best specifications in the industry. This Weatherproof Waterproof Dome Camera features Dual Voltage, High Resolution plus True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) not “Digital WDR” which only simulates real WDR technology, and a True Day/Night mechanical filter change lens which helps to deliver 700 lines of Resolution from a 1/3” SONY Chipset.


Many cameras claim that they are Weatherproof, but the Defiant-RG Weatherproof Waterproof Dome Camera can handle environments that can render lesser cameras useless. With a built-in Heater & Blower, the Defiant-RG Dome Camera prevents condensation and fogging from rapid temperature changes, and keeps the camera nice and warm down to -25* below zero. This is why this camera is regularly used in Northern climates as well as inside many walk-in freezers. The Blower operates full time and the Heater comes on at 41*F and turns off at 45*F.

The Defiant-RG is Vandal-proof, Installer-friendly and can be mounted in a variety of ways: Base mounted, Flush Mounted or with the optional Wall Mount. The Defiant-RG WeatherProof – Waterproof Dome Camera comes with the exclusive Rugged Cams Two-Year Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support

The Defender Waterproof Dome Camera

The Defender waterproof dome camera from Rugged Cams is not only waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof, but can also be washed down under high pressure. https://www.rugged-cctv.com/defender.shtml

Rugged Cams has been offering this camera for a number of years, and it has been continually updated with the latest Sony cameras inside. Now the Defender waterproof dome camera has 600 lines of resolution and a 2.8 – 12mm varifocal zoom lens as well.

The Defender waterproof dome camera is very easy to install, and can be mounted in any position or angle on the ceiling, wall or other surfaces thanks to the 3-axis camera positioning mechanism that allows the user to correct the level and rotation of the lens.

Take a look at the Defender waterproof dome camera, and see why thousands of these tough dome cameras are in use worldwide.

Weatherproof Dome Camera – The Best Option

When you are looking at adding cameras for your home or office, make sure that you look into a variety of different high quality options. You may be tempted to go with something that is cost effective, but often times when going to lower priced items, you will miss out on something big. For instance, […]

The Ultimate Waterproof Infrared Dome Camera (Video)

The Atlantis Infrared Dome Camera is in a class all by itself. Not only is this remarkable camera waterproof, weatherproof, vandalproof and chemical-resistant, but it is also Ultra High Resolution with 580 lines and a Sony DSP to boot. The Atlantis is completely sealed and nitrogen injected, so it can literally be submerged with no […]

New Waterproof Dome Camera (with Video)

The Neptune is the latest in our line of IP68 Rated Dome Cameras.  The Neptune is totally waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof and chemical resistant.  This amazing High Resolution Dome Security Camera sports 580 lines of Resolution and is not only waterproof, but can be totally submerged and even washed down with a pressure washer. The Neptune […]

A New Line of WaterTight / WaterProof IP68 series of cameras will be introduced this week and next

Does your camera location get too wet, too cold, too dusty, too hot? Then we have a complete new line of Rugged Cams to tackle your toughest challenges.