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The Freezer Cam Cold Storage Camera

The Freezer Cam Cold Storage Camera from Rugged Cams. The Freezer Camera Infrared Dome Camera is IP 68 rated and is waterproof, dustproof and can even be pressure washed. It has 580 lines of resolution and up to 150′ Infrared range with a 4-9 mm Zoom lens.


Rugged Cams builds this cold storage camera with Sony’s 1/3″ Super HAD Day/Night Camera, coupled with Sony’s best HQ1 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chipsets.

This Freezer Cam Cold Storage Camera has a case built out of special Aluminum Alloy for corrosion and rust protection, then it’s powder coated for long-lasting, weather beating protection. This Freezer camera also works very well for Walk-In Beer Coolers as well.

Come take a look at the Freezer Cam from Rugged Cams