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Top Reasons To Select a Dome Camera For Security

When it comes to making sure that your business is protected against theft or any sort of problem that may arise, it can become important to look into security measures. Some of the more basic options that you can employ involves cameras. Not all are created equally and you may know this to be true, […]

Rugged CCTV Makes Security Cameras For Businesses

Rugged CCTV started manufacturing security cameras for businesses in 1993. Since that time, tens of thousands of businesses have relied on us to protect their property and businesses from crime and vandalism.

It’s Time To Start Wiring With CAT-6e

Our installers report that about 80-90% of new installations are being wired with CAT-6e now. So, if you’re still running CAT-5e, start changing over immediately. This means you’ll have to order CAT-6e, and you’ll need to purchase new RJ-45 connectors for CAT-6e as well.

The Problem with IP Cameras

The problems we are running into with IP security cameras though, is that the resulting bandwidth and file sizes are huge. A 3 or 5 megapixel camera produces huge pictures that not only cover a wide area, but will allow “zooming in” multiple times without blurring and pixelating the picture. But since each captured image will result in large file sizes, the resulting bandwidth and storage will create problems.