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Introducing – The lowest priced completely submersible dome camera on the market to date. There is no other IP68 rated camera out there for this price. True Innovation at an outstanding price! The Waterproof Dome Camera by Rugged Cams. Just in case you are unsure, the IP68 rating is the highest international protection rating achievable! […]

Infrared Bullet Camera – Black Night-700 – Infrared Bullet Camera

This Infrared Bullet Camera will throw out Infrared Light to greater than 100′. https://www.rugged-cctv.com/infrared-bullet-camera.shtml
The Black Night-700 has 700 TV Lines of Resolution, and employs SONY’s new Effio 960H Technology. The result, when recorded with Rugged Cams’ new 960HD DVR, is a picture that is 30% larger than the standard 740×480 picture from most cameras.
At 960 Horizontal Lines of Resolution, this Infrared Bullet Camera is just a few lines short of Megapixel Resolution, and is a great leap forward for Analog cameras.
The Black Night-700 Infrared Bullet Camera uses new Infrared lamp Technology as well. The Black Diamond Infrared Lamps assure that the foreground and long distance background are both lit very evenly. This eliminates Hot Spots in the lighting and gives users a very smoothly lit scene in all conditions.
The Black Night-700 Infrared Bullet Camera is a low priced camera, but has all the features of cameras costing much more. For example, it uses Rugged Cams’ new standard in Varifocal lenses – a 3.5mm-16mm Varifocal Zoom Lens, which allows the user to tailor the picture to fit their needs. True versatility, from the leader in tough, weatherproof security cameras – Rugged Cams.

Security Cameras and Security Camera Systems : Good for Business

Having Security Cameras at your business can help you stay profitable – even in slow times. Security Cameras are a management tool when you use them correctly. Click on the title to read more….

Top 10 Questions About Buying A Security Camera System

Here are the Top 10 Questions I am asked on a daily basis for what a business needs in reference to security cameras and security camera systems.