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How To Protect Yourself And Your Family With Infrared Security Cameras

There are many uses for an Infrared Security Cameras, protect your Business, protect your employees, your property, customers, and much more. But also, if you have an elderly parent living with you in your home. A home security system can be invaluable. The Infrared Security Camera can allow you to check on their well-being even […]

How To Know The Difference Between Night Vision and Infrared Cameras

Most confuse these two and believe that a night vision camera uses infrared to film images. A Night Vision Camera utilizes the heat emitted from an object to aid in capturing images and make them visible. An Infrared Security Camera on the other hand, is equipped with a small light that is emitted to focus […]

Why You Need An Infrared Security Camera

Security Cameras deter criminals and may prompt them to go elsewhere. Apart from preventing burglars from intruding into business premises, most corporate buildings utilize cameras that can record the day’s events and play them back so that any employee involved in criminal activities can be deterred or caught. Security Cameras are as essential for us […]

Mobile Infrared Business Security Camera from Rugged Cams

Mobile Infrared Business Security Camera from Rugged Cams from Rugged Cams

New 960H Viper – Vandalproof Infrared Dome Business Security Camera from Rugged Cams

The New 960H Viper Business Security Camera by Rugged Cams from Rugged Cams

Infrared Security Cameras – How They Work and Why They Are a Good Choice for Businesses

Most business owners would agree that having security cameras around their facility is a good idea. Security cameras can help keep your business and your employees safe by acting as a deterrent against crime and surveillance video can help police apprehend criminals if a crime does occur. The benefit of infrared security cameras is that […]

Vangaurd-700 Infrared Outdoor Security Camera

The Vanguard-700 in an Infrared Outdoor Security Camera from Rugged Cams that is weatherproof, waterproof and dust proof with an IP67 sealed camera rating. The Vanguard-700 features SONY’s new 960h Technology for near Megapixel performance.

Infrared Security Cameras Can Give You An Edge

How do you ensure your office, store or business is safe when leaving it in total darkness? Thieves, prowlers or employees trying to sneak into your building at night will take advantage of the lack of light to walk in without being seen. Most security camera systems can only function properly given a source of light on the area to be captured. Images from these security and surveillance cameras, if captured in darkness or with inadequate lightning, are useless. They either only show a black screen or such a grainy or dark picture that most details of the footage are lost, leaving you with a break in but no evidence or lead to start an investigation. Click the headline above to find out how Infrared Security Cameras can help you protect your business.