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Day Night Infrared Business Security Camera – The Blaze – from Rugged Cams

Extremely Reliable Infrared Protection Technology from Rugged Cams – The Blaze – Day Night Infrared Business Security Camera.
BLAZE is a highly sensitive Day/Night Infrared camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor application with IP67 weatherproof design. With an ultra sensitive CCD sensor and 48 long range (850nm) infrared LEDs, the unit can view up to 90 feet in complete darkness.

Automatic image conversionfrom Color to BW at 5 lux, removes the color to signal noises for a clearer picture, and enhances the resolution up to 560 TVL at night.

They have a smart self-focus adjustment technology that precisely corrects the normally distorted focus under IR illumination.Built-in IR LED protection technology intelligently prevents IR LEDs from burning out and extends the performance of IR LEDs for an extremely long time. The unit has passed the IP67 testing and guarantees interior moisture, condensation-free picture in any harsh weather condition.

Infrared Security Cameras – How They Work and Why They Are a Good Choice for Businesses

Most business owners would agree that having security cameras around their facility is a good idea. Security cameras can help keep your business and your employees safe by acting as a deterrent against crime and surveillance video can help police apprehend criminals if a crime does occur. The benefit of infrared security cameras is that […]

Rugged Cams Releases Tough, New Outdoor Camera

Fortress-700 Outdoor Security Camera from Rugged Cams The Fortress-700 outdoor camera is powered by a Sony 960H image sensor. This sensor can produce images with up to 700 lines of resolution (800 lines in Night Mode), and when combined with our new 960HD DVR, can deliver 30% more resolution at 960 horizontal lines of resolution […]

Our Popular Defender Camera Will Have An Infrared Option

The Defender dome camera has been one of our hottest sellers in 2011, and we’ve gotten some great feedback from our customers on what they like and what they’d like improved. Well…WE LISTENED! Coming in January of 2012 – INFRARED DEFENDER with the same IP68 waterproof rating. Look for the release in the January Newsletter!!! […]

Infrared Camera Questions

by Jennifer Spears I have heard a few interesting questions this week on infrared cameras so I thought I would post and then answer them here. 1. Why does the infrared camera turn to B&W at night? – B&W camera chip sets can see in the infrared spectrum, thus they can see the infrared illumination […]

New Starlight Cameras now in Beta Testing

The latest technological leap in Security Camera technology is here. It’s called Starlight Cameras. You won’t need Infrared anymore for most purposes because the newest Starlight technology amplifies light sorta like the Flir cameras the Police use. You won’t believe what this will do for you. No more blurry night time pictures from the Infrared […]