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Sentry-700 Dome Camera

Sentry-700 Dome Camera
More Features & A Better Value Than Any Other Dome Camera

Rugged Cams has reached the pinnacle of Dome Camera design with the Sentry series of dome cameras. The Sentry-700 Dome Camera is the toughest, smartest dome camera ever offered by Rugged Cams. When you compare the features, performance and price of the Sentry-700 dome camera, it is clearly the best value of any dome camera that we know of.
Security Dealers and end users alike have ordered more of the Sentry series of dome cameras in the last few months, than any other dome camera we have ever offered. In fact, we have increased production of the Sentry domes to be able to keep up with demand. This dome camera is that good, and you’re about to learn why.

Best Dome Camera Housing Design In The Industry
The Sentry-700 is built on our new SentryDome frame housing, which has a number of innovations designed into it that clearly make it the best dome housing in the industry. Here are the Top 8 features of this new dome housing:
• Totally Sealed against moisture and dust (IP68 Certified)
• More ways to mount it: Surface Mount, Flush Mount or optional Wall Mount
• American 3/4” Conduit openings that take any type of metal, plastic or liquid tight piping
• Heated to withstand temperature extremes to -40º below zero
• American Polycarbonate Dome is crystal clear with no distortions
• Steel Wire Safety Harness ensures the top of the dome will not fall when installing or servicing
• 3-Axis Camera Positioning Bracket – allows the user to turn, rotate and align the camera to produce a straight and level picture under any mounting condition or angle
• Designed to be easy to install and part of Rugged Cams’ new “Easy Pro Install System” – which, if needed, can also include an optional swing-out Wall Mount that has additional conduit openings and increases the vandal proof properties even more.

Now Include SONY’s Newest Camera Technology – 700 Lines Color / 800 Lines in Night Mode
If you think the Sentry Dome Housing is the nicest you’ve ever seen, wait until you see the camera Rugged Cams puts in it.
The Sentry-700 Dome Camera uses the newest SONY Effio chipset and is a 1/3” ExView HAD CCD II series. This is a step up from most dome cameras which use either 1/4” cameras or CMOS chipsets and many don’t include the ExView features which are proven to handle challenging lighting conditions much better than standard CCD cameras. Rugged Cams uses only the best SONY has to offer.
Some brands that do use the best SONY cameras, don’t bother to use all of the features that SONY makes available. The Sentry-700 uses every feature that is offered, AND, we give you control of all of those features with an On-Screen Menu Display that is controlled by an onboard Joystick Controller.
Using the Joystick Controller (and the video output right beside it that provides an extra video feed to operate any CCTV Tester or monitor), any Menu item can be turned on or off and even adjusted to different settings, which means that you will be able to use this camera in any location, and you will be able to adjust the camera to overcome any lighting challenges present. www.ruggedcams.com

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