1 July 2011 Comments Off on The Importance of Labeling Your Cables

The Importance of Labeling Your Cables

by Jennifer Spears Now I know this is going to sound really REALLY simple – because it is. But it is SO important and I just don’t think a lot of customers or installers (you know who you are) think to do it until it is too late. LABEL YOUR CABLING. Yup that’s it. When […]

30 March 2011 Comments Off on Pre-Made Security Camera Cables

Pre-Made Security Camera Cables

Here is a tutorial on pre-made CCTV cabling and the difference between pre-made and bulk cabling. What kind you need to look for, and look out for, extras you might need to get, and the pros and cons of this type of cabling. http://www.rugged-cctv.com/

9 February 2011 Comments Off on Security Camera Cabling

Security Camera Cabling

Spool of Cable

We are specifically going to be talking about cabling for analog CCTV cameras. This consists of power and video cables for all cameras and data cabling for PTZ cameras which are a breed of their own. IP camera wiring which we will be discussing in a separate article is mostly accomplished with Ethernet cables with […]