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This new technology, called HD-SDI, makes it possible to stream Full HD 1080p video over your existing coax wiring. This makes it a simple as changing out a few, or all of your cameras to start adding Megapixel Video to your security camera system. Best of all, it’s as simple as Plug-N-Play. Same wiring, same […]


As always, we strive to make our products affordable for any property or vehicle use, while still providing the very best quality. So stay tuned for more great Night Vision innovations from Rugged Cams. The MaXNight Technology was first developed by our sister company, Rugged Marine. Rugged Marine manufactures a comprehensive and growing line of […]

Why Should You Buy From Rugged Cams ? Business Security Camera Systems

Many of our products cannot be found anywhere else. There are a number of organizations retailing products on the internet. Rugged Cams is not just a distributor, we are an engineering and manufacturing company with a history of unique designs and volume production. We literally have over 15 different types of Dome Security Cameras alone, […]


 Come visit our website at Rugged Cams, we have our HD-Megapixel DVR, high definition technology online for you to see. If you haven’t heard, there is now an easier way to have Megapixel High Definition Security Camera Video.  In the past, the only way to accomplish this was with IP Cameras and equipment. That meant […]

Rugged Cams Presents The Indoor/Outdoor DVR For Land & Sea – Rugged Vision-III

  Rugged Cams presents our weatherproof DVR with UV resistance, corrosion proof Fiberglass (FRP) enclosure that is non-conductive, lighter, easier to drill or saw, less expensive than stainless steel, and is just as corrosion proof. Rugged Cams then insulates the enclosure and adds stainless steel hinges, lockable closures, and neoprene gaskets, which gives the user […]

Now Manufacturing Megapixel DVR's & Cameras Using HD-SDi Technology – Megapixel High Definition Security Camera Video

 HD-SDI was developed years ago by the television, studio and video production industries. They invested heavily in this technology and are continually refining, tweaking and expanding the technology and standards. This is what the big boys use when they need to deliver live video from the football stadium out to the production trucks in the […]

Vehicle Condition Documentation Systems – (N-SPEX STIX) by Rugged Cams

The N-SPEX System is used to document the condition of vehicles, from various camera positions and angles, as they enter your car wash or facility, during the process or service, and also as they leave the facility. Authorized personnel may view Live or pre-recorded footage of each vehicle to detect damage or unsafe conditions, and […]

Rugged Cams Engineers Make Final Inspections On All DVR's

Our Engineers at Rugged Cams take every precaution when making final inspections on all of our DVR’s before they leave the factory.

RUGGED CAMS Business Security Camera System Packages With 960H Technology

If you are planning to invest in business security cameras, you may want to consider speaking with a security expert. An expert can provide valuable advice when choosing among business security cameras and business surveillance systems that can be effective in certain types of establishments. They can advice you on which business security cameras for […]

Watch Your Security Cameras At Any Time From Anywhere

The latest security camera technologies allow you to interact with multiple security devices from your smartphone. This is a convenient way to check on your business or home when you don’t have access to your office or local computer. You can be confident everything at your business is secure while your away. Smartphone technologies have […]