Security Camera Surveillance Systems or Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) systems are an extremely important weapon against the ongoing battle of fighting crime at your Business or Home location. They are the way to prevent crime now and in the future. Commonly used to monitor offices, schools, banks, private establishments and many more. Now that Security Systems have become more affordable, easier to understand and use, more people are installing cameras in their businesses and homes. This greatly deters their risk of theft every hour of every day.

Below are some starter tips on purchasing and being satisfied with your new Security Camera System:

  • Check for appropriate power

  • Decide what you want to monitor

  • Decide on interior or exterior cameras

  • How many cameras do you need?

  • Infrared or color cameras?

  • HD Camera (High Definition) higher resolution

  • CMOS or CCD image sensor? CMOS captures each pixel separately – CCD captures entire image at once – (more information here)

  • Type of DVR (digital video recorder)

IP Video may be the logical choice for large scale installations that have a lot of cameras, but HD-SDI is proving to be a popular choice for small businesses and retail stores that typically have from one to several dozen cameras. The installation takes less time and labor, there is not as much equipment to buy, and you won’t need to establish a separate Network to handle the bandwidth.

Call our engineers today! They can help you with all of these above listed decisions, and more. You are also welcome to visit our showroom! Check our website at for our complete address. Our Sales Team will welcome you, you can see the demonstration models we already have setup. Quick and easy operation, you can try it out before you buy. We make your experience the best it can be, with your new Security Camera Surveillance System!

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