Rugged Cams now has Stainless Steel Mobile Security Cameras with HD Megapixel Resolution in the TVI and HD-SDI series. These cameras have a 1080p HD resolution, which is 4 times the resolution of a 960H camera. You will not have to worry about the cameras being in the rain or around germs since they are stainless steel they will not rust or corrode.

This type of camera requires an Megapixel lens. Having the correct lens is like having the correct glasses that give you perfect vision. If it is not the glasses you need for your eyes then you can’t see very well, same thing for the lens on a camera. Rugged Cams makes sure you get the correct lens on any camera so that the view is the best it can be.

The Multi-Purpose Megapixel-HD Stainless Steel Mobile Infrared Camera, Stronghold MP/ IR, can be a mobile or fixed mount camera. It also has motorized zoom that can be controlled via the DVR, a tablet, or even your smart phone.

The TVI-HD and HD-SDI Rugged Domes are the toughest dome cameras in the industry. Since they are stainless steel they can go in any extreme environment or condition.

Call one of our Design Engineers today to create your custom security system to best suit your needs. We are here to help you protect your people and property. Make them feel safe with our HD Megapixel Stainless Steel Mobile Security Cameras.

Here at Rugged Cams, we constantly introduce the newest proven technology for our customers.

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