22 March 2016 Comments Off on Rugged Cams Makes Cameras In Many Flavors

Rugged Cams Makes Cameras In Many Flavors

Rugged Cams makes the most unique security cameras in the world. Many of our cameras are for specialized areas or environments in business and industrial facilities.  This is why many of our cameras do not look like the “mainstream” cameras you normally see in the marketplace.  They are built to do a unique job in a unique environment and they do it well.

Security Camera Dealers, Integrators and Installers have a favorite topology they use for most of their system integrations.  These may include IP, TVI, HD-SDI or even Analog (960H).  Rugged Cams offers most of our cameras in all of these flavors, so that each company or Dealer can choose which fits their current job best.

Dealers & Integrators Worldwide increasingly call on Rugged Cams to provide security cameras for special circumstances and environments. This is why Rugged Cams is the brand most commonly chosen for outdoor, weatherproof cameras.

So the next time you need a camera that is sealed, waterproof, dustproof or ruggedized in any way, choose the Rugged Cams brand – then choose the type of topology you need for the job at hand.2013RuggedHomePageBannerFactoryDirect


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