ProblemSolvedsmall 300x100 - Problem Solved:  Change Machine Paying Out Like Someone Hit The Jackpot

Rugged Cams has had several customers over the past few years who own Laundromats and were experiencing losses from their change machines. This is the story of two such locations in two different states, with two very different outcomes.

Each of the owners explained that they would load their change machine with hundreds of dollars of quarters, but when the machines were empty they were finding that there was not enough cash to cover the quarters given out. Sometimes this amounted to a shortfall of hundreds of dollars. Both owners were understandably upset because they were losing a lot of money every month. Clearly something had gone wrong, or someone was robbing them without leaving any clues as to what happened.

The owners finally decided that they needed good quality security cameras to be able to determine what exactly was happening. Rugged Cams designed a complete security camera system for both businesses, then had local installers put the systems in for them. After the systems were installed and had been up and running for a few days to a week, each owner reported changer losses again. It was time to review the footage to see if they could determine what was going on.

This is where the stories diverge. One Laundromat owner discovered that his change machine was malfunctioning, but strangely, only at night. Each night, the change machine would inexplicably start giving out too many quarters for each dollar inserted. Sometimes it would give out 5 or 6 quarters for every dollar, and at other times would give $5 in change to a customer that had only inserted a dollar.

Needless to say, each customer that received extra money would insert a number of dollars to see how much they could make from the transactions. Not one customer ever reported getting too much change, even though the owners’ phone number was posted on the change machine faceplate. The owner had the machine repaired and everything returned to normal.

The other Laundromat owner had a very different outcome. In that case, the owner found that a thief had been visiting his change machine several times a week. This ingenious thief had rigged a bill on a laminated “tongue” that he would pull back out of the machine after it had validated the bill. Without going into too much detail about how this was being accomplished, suffice it to say that this particular thief was making some serious money by visiting every change machine he could find within a 100 mile area. There is a simple fix for thwarting this style of attack, but at that time only a handful of businesses in the area had installed the fixes.

This “change artist” was caught, thanks to excellent video footage from a Rugged Cams “Faceplate” camera, and is now serving time for his shenanigans.

Once again, Problem Solved by Rugged Cams!

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