ProblemSolvedsmall 300x100 - Problem Solved by Rugged Cams:  Dirty Pool Party

Rugged Cams constantly solves problems for our customers. One of our customers in Montana is an example of how we help to solve vexing problems.

This customer has a home in the mountains, and early one Spring, he comes home to find that his pool has been used and violated. It’s dirty to the point of the water being brown, the filtration system is clogged up, deck chairs are strewn everywhere – including in the pool, and there is no sign or clue as to what happened. It is clear that someone has had a wild party while the owner was away for a few days.

His nearest neighbor is over four miles away, the temperatures are in the mid fifties and the pool is unheated. So whoever the party goers are, they are clearly hardy souls.

The owner was steaming mad, but since he did not have any cameras, all he could do was fume and clean up the mess.

Then, a couple of weeks later – it happened again. Two weeks after that – again. By the third time, the homeowner had had enough, so he called Rugged Cams.

Rugged Cams designed a simple four camera system, and one of the Rugged Cams Dealers got the system installed a few days later.

Less than a week after the security camera system was installed – it happened again. This time, the owner went straight to the system DVR and replayed the footage. What he saw was two young bears scaling the fence and holding a wild, raucous pool party for the next several hours. Not what he expected to find.

When the homeowner showed the footage of the Bear Pool Party to the State Wildlife Officials, they devised a plan to keep the bears away, and to keep the owners pool clean for his family to use it.

As of late 2015, there are two very dirty bears somewhere in Montana. Problem Solved by Rugged Cams.

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