Caughtsmall - "Caught" by Rugged Cams - The Meat ThiefA restaurant in Dayton, Ohio contacted Rugged Cams for a complete security camera system to help them catch a thief they were pretty sure had been stealing meat out of the walk-in freezer. They had done everything they could think of, from putting a bell on the freezer door, to watching the employees carefully to see if they could figure out why meat seemed to be disappearing from the freezer. This was not simply a few hamburger patties that were turning up missing, but entire cases of expensive steaks.

Their first thought was their weekly delivery truck was short changing them and not delivering everything they ordered. The manager started taking inventory before the delivery truck left, but the delivery was always correct and never missing anything. They were puzzled and needed help.

Our Design Engineers created a custom security camera system for the restaurant to not only watch the whole restaurant and property, but also to watch the dumpster. Their neighbors were using the dumpster for their personal trash causing it to fill up way faster than it should have.

Once they sat down to review the footage a few weeks later, they saw multiple instances of a particular employee clocking out, leaving the building with nothing in his hands, but on several occasions, he would pull his vehicle around to the dumpster and dig something out. He was taking what appeared to be a bag of trash home with him. So the manager did more research on this employee.

This employee was very sneaky and clever. They found that when the employee would take the trash out every day he would take a clean trash bag, put the meat in it, and put it in the dumpster just like he did the other trash bags. The employee knew he had enough time to get the meat out of the dumpster before it would thaw out. The Manager never thought to look in the trash bags as they were being taken out, they thought they were just filled with garbage.

When the employee was caught, he was fired and then arrested for theft.

As always, the thief was “Caught” by Rugged Cams.

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