Caughtsmall 300x100 - Caught by Rugged Cams:  Lying Daughter

Last year one of our customers, a Car Wash owner, called Rugged Cams saying that his security camera system saved him some serious money and possibly a lawsuit as well.

The story begins when the car wash owner arrived at his facility early one morning. Waiting on him in the parking lot was a Police Cruiser and a uniformed Officer standing beside it. When the owner exited his vehicle, the Officer began yelling at him, saying that he was going to sue him and that he would shortly own his car wash – all because the car wash owners’ Automatic Wash equipment smashed up his daughter’s car the evening before.

When the wash owner walked over to his Automatic Bay to take a look, sure enough, his equipment showed signs of violent damage and was no longer operational.

The Officer said that his daughter had driven to the car wash the evening before to have her car washed by the machine, and according to her, the machine malfunctioned and proceeded to batter her car so badly that it would take thousands of dollars to repair the damage. According to the Daughter, she barely escaped the clutches of the machine, and felt that she was lucky that she was not injured as well. The Officer showed the car wash owner pictures of the Daughter’s car he had taken with his cell phone. Sure enough, the car had been battered pretty severely, and the damage was obvious.

The car wash owner and the Officer both went into the office area to see what the surveillance footage showed about the encounter. Here is what they saw: Once the Daughter had finished paying at the Autocashier, she rocketed forward into the bay, jumped over the guide rail and smashed into the machine at a high rate of speed. She then put the car in reverse, smoked the tires getting the tire back over the railing, then slammed the car into drive again and jumped the railing on the opposite side and smashed into the machine yet again. While she was sitting there, the machine started up and began banging into the car, which was blocking the machines normal path. The Daughter put the car into reverse again and with smoke pouring off the tires once again, backed out of the bay at a high rate of speed, and kept going until the car came to a halt against a set of steel bollards set into the concrete a full 40 feet behind the bay. The car sat there smoking for almost a full minute, the the Daughter slammed it into gear again and exited the lot at a high rate of speed.

The Officer and the Car Wash owner sat there dumbfounded for a few seconds. Finally the Officer said, “That lying little (actual word deleted)!”

The Officer proceeded to apologize to the car wash owner and said “I guess you’ll be needing all of my information now”. Turns out that the Daughter had just gotten her license the week before, and had gone home crying to Daddy that “that horrible car wash attacked my car”.

Once again, Caught by Rugged Cams.

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