Caughtsmall 300x100 - “Caught” by Rugged Cams:  Blackberry Thief

Rugged Cams has a customer in Ohio that has had cameras at his Car Wash for more than a decade. At times, he completely forgets the cameras are there. That’s what happened one day when his expensive Blackberry phone went missing.

Earlier that morning he had been talking to his wife about ordering some parts he needed, and had sat the phone down on his worktable while he went out to a Bay to fix a broken bill acceptor. When he came back, he grabbed for his phone to take some pictures of some worn parts. Only, it wasn’t there.

He scoured the entire equipment room looking for it. Surely he had simply laid it down somewhere without thinking about it. In all, he spent more than 20 minutes looking for that darned phone. He had himself convinced that he had just experienced the ultimate “Senior Moment” and had forgotten where he laid it down. Finally, in exasperation, he remembered that he had cameras covering almost all of his property and equipment room, so he decided to search the footage to find out where he laid the phone down.

What he saw next startled him. Normally he does not allow customers in his equipment room, but when he replayed the footage, there was a customer wandering in looking for the owner. When the customer realized that he was alone in the equipment room, he saw the Blackberry sitting there on the workbench, and decided on the spot to pilfer it. In a matter of seconds, the customer with the sticky fingers grabbed the Blackberry and stuffed it into his pocket. He then calmly walked out of the equipment room confident that he had just committed the perfect crime. What’s more, the owner had talked to this customer a few moments later and had given him a refund for having lost a buck in a machine. So this customer got a free Blackberry and a buck for visiting the car wash that day.

The Car Wash owner quickly located the footage of the customer’s car leaving, and now he had a license plate number to give to the Police. He got the Blackberry back less than a day later.

Want to see the actual footage of the Blackberry Thief? Watch it:

Another sticky-fingered thief “Caught” by Rugged Cams.

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