Caughtsmall 300x100 - “Caught” by Rugged Cams:  Attacker Identified

Rugged Cams designed a complete security camera system for a Tavern in Texas. A year or so after the system was installed, there was an altercation at the bar, and the resulting video footage gave the police the evidence they needed to bring charges.

The story unfolded on a slow Friday night with various patrons drifting in and out of the bar. The Megapixel HD video clearly shows an elderly lady sitting quietly at the bar enjoying a beverage. A while later, a younger man appears, sits a couple of seats away from the elderly lady, and after a while they strike up a conversation. After about 10 minutes of chatting, the man gets up and sits next to the lady, and they resume their conversation. It appears that they are only passing the time of day for the most part, because the video shows that they are not touching, or even leaning towards each other. A simple friendly chat.

Within a half hour, they appear to have just about exhausted the topics to chat about, and the younger man finishes his drink and leaves. About 10 minutes later – all hell breaks loose.

A middle aged young woman with bright orange hair enters the bar, talks to another woman that is sitting by the door, and the video plainly shows the second woman pointing at the elderly lady sitting at the bar. After a moment, the orange haired woman flies into a rage, races over to the elderly lady and pulls her backwards off the barstool and onto the floor. The elderly lady is clearly taken by surprise, and is not able to defend herself right away. The orange haired lady proceeds to pummel the poor old lady for a few minutes, then other patrons intervene and pull the orange haired woman off of her.

In the excitement, the orange haired woman and her friend by the door, both escaped out the front door before anyone sees them leave.

When the Police come, they review the footage, take copies of the archived footage with them, and in the course of the next week, ferreted out the story behind the assault.

The orange haired woman turns out to be the ex-girlfriend of the younger man that was innocently talking to the elderly lady. Orange Hair came into the bar looking for the younger man, then when she asked the lady by the front door if she had seen him, she responded that she had. Next, the jilted Ex asked if the younger man was seen talking to any females. Yes, the lady responded, that elderly lady over there, she pointed. Apparently that was all it took. Overcome with rage and jealousy, the Orange Haired woman stormed over and beat the elderly lady severely. No conversation, no accusations, no questions, – just BANG!

The Orange Haired woman was charged with assault and sentenced to 90 days in jail for the assault.

If you are wondering about the welfare of the Elderly Lady, she must be a tough old bird. The video shows that after the assault, the other patrons picked her up off the floor, and she simply brushed herself off, adjusted her wig back on straight, and sat down and finished her drink.

Assault “Caught” by Rugged Cams.

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