The BLAZE Weatherproof Infrared Camera is a highly sensitive Day/Night Infrared camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor application with IP67 weatherproof design. With Sony’s New EFFIO 960H CCD sensor and 48 long range (850nm) infrared LEDs, this unit can view up to 90 feet in complete darkness.

The Blaze has a smart self-focus adjustment technology that precisely corrects the normally distorted focus under IR illumination. Built-in Infrared LED protection technology intelligently prevents IR LEDs from burning out and extends the performance of IR LEDs for an extremely long time. The unit has passed the IP67 testing and guarantees interior moisture, condensation-free picture in any harsh weather condition.

Special Features:

3.6mm or 6mm Fixed Lens
650 TV Lines
960H 33% Larger Video (with HD DVR)
EFFIO OSD (On Screen Display)
Electronic Iris Control
Auto Shutter
Weight – Only 2.2 lbs
Multiple Language Capabilities

The Blaze is a 960H compatible weatherproof infrared camera, all you need to take advantage of a 33% more resolution is the 960H DVR. This new technology doesn’t make any of your cameras obsolete. Simply use what you already have, and add this new 960H capable camera. It’s that simple.

True 16:9 Format – Just like your PC Monitor

The real beauty of 960H technology, is the fact that most of the monitors used for DVR’s these days are 16:9 format monitors (4:3 monitors are harder to find, and are also more expensive as well). When you view regular analog DVR’s on this monitor, it is probably stretching the picture to fit the screen. This can result in distorted pictures and certainly misrepresents the scale of objects and people, and also distances, especially from left to right in the picture, because of the stretching. Now your resulting Live images and recorded footage will be correctly displayed on your monitor.

Completely Backwards Compatible

The 960H DVR’s from Rugged Cams are completely backwards compatible with all previous DVR Recording formats and all previous cameras, no matter the resolution. In other words, if you have an older camera that is only 600 lines (or less), you can simply choose to record at D1 or smaller. Any camera can be recorded at any resolution with these new DVR’s.

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